Friday, September 10, 2021

Donita Nose and Super Tekla Nanginginig sa Takot Matapos Malaman na Nagkaproblema ang Sinasakyang Eroplano

Photo: Donekla YT

In a vlog uploaded on YT last September 1, 2021, by Donekla in Tandem, a fused YT channel of the comedians Donita Nose and Supertekla, appears the two comedians’ vlogging their trip to Maldives. But what went so wrong that the most excited comedy actors had to cancel their flight immediately for the day and reschedule their supposed trip?

Photo: Donekla YT

Photo: Donekla YT
Photo: Donekla YT

Here is what happened

Donita nose and Supertekla are known to be one of the funniest tandem in comedy industry.

In their recent vlog together, the two were excitingly vlogging the whole trip to Maldives for the mentioned business trip and even catch up to the nature and unwind a bit- disconnecting from the stresses of life.    

The two were even dressed as fancy as Celine Dion and Lady Gaga- as to what they claimed.  

They booked a private plane as their means of transportation to the said continent.

Photo: Donekla in Tandem YT

While on the plane waiting for their take off, the two even exchanged jokes and really had hilarious yet fun time together with their team. But little did they know, their supposed trip was not going to happen that day.

After the two said their goodbyes to the camera and probably enjoy the rest of the plane trip while looking at the picturesque scene from above grounds, they promised to vlog immediately when they arrived on Maldives. And just a little while later, the next clip shows a panicked and anxious Donita and Tekla.

They had a little commotion inside the plane, although they weren’t sure of what was really happening, all they knew was something is off because the plane didn’t further flew up high and remained on the same altitude level. As Donita claimed, she saw Laguna a couple times and believed they were just taking a round above the city.

“Parang hindi tayu lumalayo, ta’s umiikot, ta’s para kasing nakikita ko pa rin yung Laguna.” Donita said.        

Despite the frightened comedians along with their team, the pilot and the Captain remained calm and even cracked a joke saying

“Balik tayo, na iwan ko yung bra ko.”

And what the captain had just said, is enough to understand that there was really something wrong with their aircraft and that they are about to land back.

Luckily, they all landed safely and no one was harmed so that’s good enough. They were offered to take on another commercial plane, however, the two decided not to go on the said trip for the day because they had enough of that frightful experience minutes ago. Tekla talked repeatedly how he believed that to be a “Bad sign” and perhaps cancelling the trip is the best thing to do. 

Photo: Donekla in Tandem YT

Upon landing, Donita asked the Captain of what the whole trouble was all about and the captain was kind enough to enlighten his passengers to what had happened.

Photo: Donekla in Tandem YT

The Captain explained that the plane, unfortunately, was not properly pressurized. Although it was not somewhat like a life threatening thing, they still had to abort the mission since they could lose plenty of gasoline if they push through the trip.

“The higher the plane, the lesser the gasoline consumption” he said.

But who know what could happen if they did, right?    



Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Paolo Contis, Binasag na Ang Katahimikan Nagsalita na sa Issue ng Hiwalayan Nila ni Lj Reyes



Photo: Paolo Contis IG

Kamakailan ng maging usap-usapan sa social media ang mag-partner na si Lj Reyes at Paolo Contis sa issue nila tungkol sa third party daw sa hiwalayan nitong dalawa.

Matapos kasi mabalitang hiwalay na si Paolo at Lj ay may mga netizens na nakakita kina Paolo at Yen Santos sa Baguio.

Photo: Paolo Contis IG

At dito nga naging mas matunog ang issue dahil nagulat ang netizens matapos silang masaksihan dalawa sa Baguio.

Sino nga naman daw kasi ang ‘di magugulat kung matapos ang hiwalayan ay makikitang may kasamang ibang babae si Paolo.

Photo: Paolo Contis IG

Naging big deal lalo ang bidyo nina Paolo at Yen Santos dahil sila’y dalawa lang noong nakita sila sa Baguio, noo’y palaisipan pa ngunit kinumpirma na ni Pao na sila nga ni Yen Santo ‘yun.

Narito ang sagot ni Paolo:

Photo: Paolo Contis IG

After lumabas ang interview ni LJ, katakot takot na pang aalipusta at pambabatikos ang natanggap ko. I can’t say I don’t deserve it kaya tinatanggap ko lang ito. I understand all your frustrations. Gusto ko sana manahimik kaya lang marami nang mga nadadamay na hindi dapat kaya mas mabuti sigurong sagutin ko ang ilan sa mga ito…

1. Drugs - Merong nagsasabi na meron siyang reliable source that I take drugs and as a result, sinasaktan ko si LJ at ang mga bata. This is NOT true. Minahal at inalagaan ko sila. I never laid a finger on them.

2. Third Party - Aaminin ko, naging marupok at gago ako sa ilang taon naming pagsasama. I’m not proud of it. For that, I’m sincerely sorry. I’m truly ashamed of my actions.

3. Yen Santos - She was never the reason of our break up. I was. Kung matagal na kaming hindi okay ni LJ, it was mainly because of me. Masyado niyo siyang diniin sa issue na to. Pati pag promote namin ng movie nabahiran na ng kung anu ano.

4. Baguio - When LJ left for the States with the kids, I went to Baguio for 3 days dahil ayaw ko sa Manila at gusto kong makapag isip isip. Naging insensitive ako about the possible effects nung issue and I invited Yen for a day para may makausap since malapit lang siya sa North din. She went there as a friend. Hindi ko naisip na madadamay siya ng ganito. I’m sorry for this.

5. Lolit - Please stop bashing her. Nanay ko si Lolit. Natural lang na ipagtanggol niya ako kahit mali ako. May nanay din kayo diba? Hindi niyo alam ang mga pagalit at pangaral niya sa akin pag kami lang ang naguusap. Sinabihan ko na siya to stop protecting me. Ang sinabi lang niya ay HINDI, ANAK KITA! HAYAAN MO AKO! For that, I’m sorry Nay. And thank you! Sa inyo pareho ni Nay Cristy.

I was very clear to LJ when I told her I want to see and take care of Summer kahit hindi kami okay. But I understand and respect her decision to go to the States muna. Sana balang araw makapag usap kami ng maayos para sa bata. Madami pang kailangan pag usapan pero sa amin na lang ni LJ yun at sana respetuhin niyo yun.

*continue to next post*

Photo: Paolo Contis IG

*continued* I’m sorry sa lahat ng nadamay sa issue na to. I want to apologize to Lian and the kids, na nagulo na naman ang tahimik na buhay dahil sa akin. I’m sorry to my Mom. Please don’t worry about me too much. I’m sorry to my team na hindi na nakakatulog dahil sa akin. To Summer, I’m sorry my Ganda. I love and miss you so much. Papa will do his best to be better. I will always be here for you. I promise. To Aki, I wish I could’ve done things differently and listened to you more. I’m sorry I failed you. To LJ, I’m very sorry. For everything. Sa lahat lahat. I will work on making myself a better person and learning from this. But for now, please respect our privacy and pray for us. Ngayon kung hindi pa po kayo pagod, please direct all your hate and bashings at me. No one else deserves it, ako lang. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Updated Room tour of Andrea Brillantes | Bakit nga ba may Locker sa Mismong Kwarto Niya?

Photo: Andrea Brillantes YT

One of the many popular Kapamilya star and child-celebrity in ABS-CBN; Andrea Brillantes, also known as Blythe, has recently joined the YouTube industry and gained more than 3 million subscribers. The actress and recording artist, was best known for her role as Marga Bartolome in Kadenang Ginto, a Philippine based teleserye.

Photo: Blythe IG

Photo: Blythe IG

In her vlogging career, the child-celebrity brought so much happiness to her fans, especially during the trying times in pandemic through her uploaded videos in her YouTube channel.

Starting her career as an actress at a very young age in 2010 at 8 years old, the child star who had a lot of opportunities throughout the years up to the present date, was able to save money and buy herself her own dream house.

Initially, the construction of the said dream house of Andrea Brillantes, was not yet fully finished according to her in one of her vlogs. However, she was able to share her own room tour in her recent video upload on YouTube. 


She started her room tour video by sharing a trivia, telling her fans that she specifically wanted a room in the attic. That is why her room was in the topmost location of their house in third floor.

“Itong kwarto na ‘to kaya sya nasa 3rd floor, kasi pangarap ko talagang kwarto ay sa attic and sinadya ko talaga maging ganito sya.” She said.

Series of framed artworks were hanged on the wall just before her bedroom door, according to the actress, the artworks were all given to her from her beloved fans.

Inside the actual room of Andrea Brillantes are colorful posters covering an entire wall, card games, gaming area and shelves full of toy collections giving the entire room a whole “teenage-themed” vibe.

“kasi sabi ko talaga sa interior designer, na gusto ko talaga very teenager yung kwarto ko.” She claimed.

Andrea Brillantes also thanked her interior designer Mundo Design and Build for transforming her room just exactly how she wanted it to be.

Upon entering her room was a huge floor mirror just across her bedroom entry with movie posters-covered wall. 


She also have her own mini snack bar with various food makers and a mini fridge all given to her during her 18th birthday.

Photo: ABS-CBN News

Next to her snack bar area is her lounge area with her sofa bed across her Flat screen TV, which is also given to her by Sylvia Sanchez, is located.

Andrea also showed her yellow locker given by her mom. According to the actress, she always wanted her own locker way back her high school years since she haven’t had one because she was studying from home due to busy schedule in showbiz. The locker just seem to complete her high school dream.

In another corner of her room is her drum set also given to her as a birthday present. She also showed her high top kitchen table, collections and her loft bed. 

Photo: Andrea Brillantes YT

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Manny Pacquiao Hindi na Nakapigil, Dinepensahan ang Asawa sa Pambabatikos!

Photo: Manny Pacquiao IG

Senator Manny “Pacman” Pacquio: the Philippines’ Pambansang Kamao, world’s most renowned filipino boxer and champion of all time, was back on the ring last August 12,2021. According to the 42-year-old boxer, it may be his last fight in his boxing career. 

Photo: MMA Fight

Unfortunately,  the boxer was defeated by his opponent Yordenis Ugas, a Cuban-American boxer.

During the fight of pacquiao in Las Vegas, Nevada, the wife of the boxer, Jinky pacquiao, was present together with her family to support their Padre de Pamilya.

However, jinky pacquiao made more impression to the audience than the boxer itself because of her lavish outfit which was reportedly worth more than a million!

Photo: Manilla Bulletin

Photo: Facebook

And because of that blush pink outfit that Jingky pacquiao wore during the fight, she became the most talked personality of the event.

With different reactions and comments from the netizens, she became a topic of YT vlogs and reviews! People were curious of how much her outfit costs per piece so somebody did some computing here!

Check this out

Photo: Manila Bulletin

And the total breakdown? 2.2 million pesos! Jinky was not able to escape from the netizen’s backlash about her and her “insensitivity of the pandemic situation” they say. Just like Chrisy Fermin, a radio who called out Jingky pacquiao publicly.

“Walang kahihiyan si Jinkee Pacquiao. Ang dami daming nagugutom na pamilya, ang dami daming walang pambara sa lalamunan patungo sa bituka, ipagpaparadahan mo ‘yung lahat lahat ng mga pinagbibili mo, may presyo pa at nasa bahay ka lang. Hindi ka naman lumabas kaya wala kang kahihiyan.”

Photo: cebudailynews.inquirer

Jingky, on the other hand broke her silence and posted on her social media:

“Some people have so little going on in their lives, they would rather discuss yours. Remember, people only rain on your parade because they’re jealous of your sun and tired of their shade.

“God is good all the time!” she said.


Recently, on Manny Pacquiao’s interview on One news, he was then asked about what he felt when people were criticizing his wife.

He went on and defended his wife from netizen’s backlash saying “Jinkee’s clothes are not that pricey, and that their fortune is a fruit of their hard work and sacrifices.”

“Yung asawa ko mukhang mamahalin lang pero hindi naman masyadong mahal ‘yung mga isinusuot niya. At yung mga pera na yan dugo at pawis, hard-earned money ko. “Hindi yan ninakaw sa gobyerno, hindi yan ninakaw sa mga tao, kundi pinaghirapan ko yan, pinaghirapan namin,” he stressed.

“Kung ano man meron kami, dream namin yon. Sakrispiyo dugo at pawis ang puhunan namin para kami maging masaya.”

“Unless kung mag-suot kami ng pang-mahirap eh magiging plastic din kami… na sabihin ang style ng mga trapong politician. Minsan lalo pagdating ng eleksiyon, magsusuot ‘yan, kung pwede lang punit-punit yung mga damit, e, para sabihing mahirap, e,’ di ba?

“Eh, hindi kami ganun, eh. Hindi kami marunong makipag-plastikan,” said Manny.

“Gusto namin, kung ano yung tinatamasa namin ngayon, pinagdadaanan namin, gagawin namin dahil hindi naman kami nagnanakaw. Pinaghirapan namin ‘yang kung anong meron kami,” he added.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Yen Santos Mensahe para sa mga Kabit Dati Ngayo’y Binalikan ng Netizens

Photo: A.G TV YT

Recently, the breakup of Kapuso couple Lj Reyes and Paolo Contis has been circulating all over the media. After the interview of Lj Reyes in a famous talk show with Boy Abunda, netizens were quick to catch on with what happened between the two and not long after that, Paolo was seen in Baguio dining with a woman while being chummy together.


At first, the mysterious woman with Paolo was not named due to lack of evidences but after few more video and witnesses who added the pieces together, they claimed that it was Paolo’s co-actor in his new movie A Faraway Land. And that is how Yen Santos got involved in the picture.


Paolo and Yen received massive backlash from netizens, criticizing the two of their behavior. While Lj Reyes together with her daughter and son left for New York probably to stay away from the negativity and save a little privacy for their now broken family.

              Photo: Manila Bulletin

Meanwhile, netizens are still digging through Yen Santos’ social media and what they found infuriated a lot of people.


During an interview, Yen opened up about her opinion regarding thirdparty  or kabit.

“May kanya-kanya siguro silang dahilan kung bakit sila pumasok sa ganyang sitwasyon pero sana bago nila isipin na pumasok sa ganyang sitwasyon, siguro isipin muna nila yung consequences na pwedeng mangyari kapag pumasok sila sa maling relasyon na pwde talaga nilang pagsisisihan hanggang sa muli.”

“May mga bagay na sa una lang masaya, nakukuha mo yung gusto mo, pero ang totoo nyan, ano ka ba talaga sa buhay ng pinasukan mo?

“Pwedeng sa bandang huli talagang ibabasura ka lang pala niya pero andyan may taong nagmamahal, may mga tao na talagang tanggap ka kung ano ka.”

The said video resurfaced and garnered different reactions from the netizens.

“Perfect example ng sinuka mo then kinain mo with conviction and without batting an eyelashes.”

“Can someone enlighten me... di ba kabit is third party in english? So pede kang tawaging kabit kapag nakikiapid ka kahit mang jowa lang. Medyo nalilito kasi ako sa daming matatalino sa socmed. Kesyo daw hindi sila kasal the "other" woman or man is not considered kabit”

“Pansin niyo ba wala siyang friends sa showbiz? Parang maarte ang babaeng to.”

“Ang daming alam. Canned answers hindi ginagawa ang advice”

“Palusot dyan HINDI NAMAN KASAL pano natawag na kabit. Imbyernes” 

Although after the photo of Paolo Contis together with his mystery girl to which people speculated to be Yen Santos went viral, the two still hasn’t released their statements regarding the issue.

Yen Santos, the now center on this hot issue, still kept her silence while people are waiting for her and Paolo Contis’ statement.










Netizens Ikinagulat ang Mensahe ng Kapatid ni Mahal sa Partner nitong si Mygz


Photo: Timmy Basil

Kamkailan ng maging malaking usap-usapan ang pagpanaw ng sikat na vlogger/comedian na si Neomi Tesoreso a.k.a Mahal.

Sobrang laking kawalan daw ni Mahal sa mundo dahil talaga nga namang marami siyang napapasaya lalo na ang mga kalahi nating OFW.

Photo: Timmy Basil

Alam naman natin na isa sa nakakawala o pawi ng pagod ay ang nakakatuwang mga vlogs at isa na nga roon ang vlog ni Mahal kasama ang partner niyang si Mygs.

Photo: Timmy Basil

Pumanaw si Mahal sa Covid-19 at Gastro, base sa balita na siyang lalong ikinagulat ng kanyang mga fans at netizens.

Makikita naman kasi sa vlogs niya na talaga namang wala itong sakit o kahit iniinda man lang, kaya nung biglaan siyang pumanaw ay talagang sobrang ikinagulat ng lahat.

Photo: Timmy Basil

Gayun pa man ay unti-unti na lang tinatanggap ng mga mahal sa buhay ni Mahal ang nangyari sa kanya, at kasama na rin ang pagdarasal.

Ngunit makikita naman sa video na ito ang burol ni Mahal at ininterview na rin ang kapatid nitong pulis na siyang nagsabi na panganay nila si Mahal pero baby din nila dahil cute na cute kasi ang size ni Mahal.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Katotohanan sa Viral na Bidyo ni Migz Molino na Umiiyak sa Harap ng Labi ni Mahal!

Photo: Tiktok

When we lose a family member or a “special someone”, we cry and grieve for our loss because of our broken hearts.  Just like the said video of Migz Molina that went viral for crying in front of his rumored girlfriend Noemi “mahal” Tesorero’s remains just outside the hospital.

                                                        Photo: Showbiz Philippines YT

Migz Molino and Mahal were long rumored to be dating just recently. The two are reportedly living together. But despite the netizens curiosity, the two never confirmed their relationship status. However, upon watching their vlog together, you could never deny the sweetness of these two.

                                                        Photo: Philippine Newspaper

Last August 31, 2021, the sudden news of the actress Mahal’s passing shocked and broke the heart of the netizens. Though the cause of death was not stated, netizens respected the family’s choice of not disclosing the cause. 

Photo: Get India News

Recently, after the actress/comedian’s death, a video of his rumored boyfriend went viral on social media where he was seen breaking down in front of Mahal’s dead body just outside the hospital. It obviously brought tears to many people who watched the video.

 The comment section was filled with empathy and people felt sorry to the actress’ family but especially to Migz Molino who was obviously torn to pieces.

Photo: Showbiz Philippines YT

HOWEVER, It was later on argued that the alleged video which went viral was NOT migz and neither was the late actress’ body.

According to the report, the remains of Mahal was already claimed by her family from Migz in Batanggas. The family of the actress has already been preparing for her cremation ceremony, yet, the exact location is to be announced.

The sister of Mahal has confirmed that Covid-19 was the cause of her death- the reason why the final disclosure of her ceremony is still subject to change.

Photo: Showbiz Philippines YT

When announced as Covid-19 victim, strict protocols is to be followed upon funeral, but the family assured that despite the strict protocols, they will make sure that the friends and relatives close to the actress will have a chance to see her one last time.

Migz, however, still hasn’t posted his sentiments or his reactions in any of his social media platform about the death of Mahal. Because of his respect to his late rumored girlfriend, he would like to keep things between them private and the way they used to be when mahal was still alive.

Photo: Showbiz Philippines YT

Photos of Mahal on her deathbed also went viral and was confirmed they were actual photos of her last moments. 


Photo: Showbiz Philippines YT

The Real Reason Behind Lj Reyes and Paolo Contis' Breakup: Thirdparty!



Photo: The Interviewer YT

Lj reyes, former live-in partner of Paolo Contis , breaks her silence and confirmed their breakup on an interview with Boy Abunda on “The interviewer". 

                                                                Photo: The Interviewer YT

In the interview, the host, Tito boy asked LJ: “Ang separation niyo ni Paolo, was it mutual?”

“It was so difficult, it was so painful,” LJ answered.

“Kung hindi lang malakas ’yung pananampalataya ko sa Panginoon, hindi ko alam kung saan ako pupulutin,” she added. 

Although the actress didn’t straight forwardly answered “yes” when asked if there was a third party involved, judging from her statements, it was clear that there is another girl.

                                                                    Photo: GMA Network

 “I never talked. Kasi gusto ko po kung ano ang pagdaanan namin bilang pamilya o pagdaanan ko sa private life ko. Gusto ko sana yung Panginoon lang at yung kung sino man ang involve yun lang ang makakaalam. I never wanted to make it public that’s why it’s been really difficult.”

 “Hindi ko na po alam kung ano yung reality sa mga nalaman ko na bagong information, revelation sa akin ng mga tao sa paligid ko- yung mga na uncover ko.”

“Meron pong mga taong out of concern, would message me about events or sightings ganyan. Dumating sa point na nagbreak na nga kami pero inisip ko yung mga bata na baka kelangan nila ng complete family. Tinanong ko siya if he wants to take us back. Sabi niya, hindi na daw.”  Lj said emotionally.

A source anonymously sent evidence which took Lj to a turning point to completely break up with the actor from their 6 years relationship.

One of their friends sent solid evidence of Paolo Contis checking in in a hotel together with a woman- to which the informant didn’t named. 


Recently, Lj Reyes, along with her daughter and son flew to Newyork with the help of her relatives, leaving his ex-live in partner, Paolo Contis alone in the Philippines.

Photo: Manila Bulletin

Following the split of actors LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis, days after Lj confirmed of their breakup, the Kapuso hunk was seen dining with a female companion in Baguio City!


 The netizens then called the woman “The mysterious girl” since there is not enough info yet as to who the girl was.

The Twitter user, who uploaded the photos, asserted that Paolo and the mysterious young lady were being sweet together!

“Nagsusubuan habang kumakain, that’s so sweet!” the twitter user commented..

Although, a lot of people believed the mysterious girl to be Paolo Contis’ recent co-actor Yen Santos in the movie “A Faraway Land”.

According to the report, Lj Reyes has long gone discovered about Paolo’s involvement with other women but was first hesitant due to lack of evidences.

However this time, the actor cannot deny the accusations because of concrete evidences laid up by Lj Reyes, thanks to her informant and friends.

Lj added that ex-live in partner Paolo seem to be more serious about his “new girl” this time because when she let him choose between her and Lj together with their small family, Paolo Contis chose his new girl.