Sunday, November 12, 2017

Viral: The New Samsung Ad Trolls iPhone and its Users!


Competition among big businesses is normal, especially those that have been in the same industry for a very long time. There have been jesting and back-and-forth diss shade-throwing campaigns, usually from leaders of their niche like Pepsi and Coca Cola, and Burger King and Mc Donalds. However, most ads are witty and subtle at their punchlines; taking advantage of the loopholes in advertising laws and ethics.

Samsung and Apple are kings in their own right. Some users prefer the customization that Android offers, while others prefer the simplicity of the iOS technology. However, in light of the recent iPhone X release, Samsung launched an advertisement that might as well be a missile (although spectators have to wonder if Samsung would be the greatest casualty of this campaign).

The advertisement starts off with a man who has been a patron of Apple, dating a woman who owns a Samsung phone. Over the course of the 1-minute video, Samsung demonstrates the many advantages and capabilities that make Apple inferior to their phones. A lot of netizens wondered if the ad was even legal, while the never-ending debate of Apple vs Samsung continues.

Although it could be said that it's just harmless joking and trolling, one has to wonder what Apple will retaliate with.

Watch the video and tell us your thoughts about the ad:


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