Tuesday, November 14, 2017

WATCH: Full Coverage! Wedding Speeches During Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff Wedding Video!


Right after the enchanting and much awaited wedding of Anne Curtis Smith-Heussaff and Erwan Heussaff, their reception was sprinkled with words from their families, relatives and close friends, some wise, some comical but all entertaining. Right off the bat, Erwan Heussaff's dad immediately requested that they get to work with grandchildren!

Isabelle Daza, the couples' matchmaker, explains why the newly-wed are a perfect fit for each other. A few of which mentioning how Erwan loves to cook and how Anne takes everybody's food and Erwan's tendency to be the planner while Anne being the go with the flow kind of girl. Being the opposites that they are makes them the perfect pair.

Papa James Smith on the other hand offers advice for Erwan in his marriage with Anne, stating that culinary skills is a big plus, as mentioned by Isabelle. Mentioning also the words "Yes Dear!" to Erwan which will be a highlight when communicating effectively to Anne in the future.

Mama Heussaff by her own right acknowledges and welcomes Anne into their family, recognizing her outright as a new "Mrs. Heussaff" in the Philippines. With all the wise and entertaining words uttered, all bear kindness, encouragement and all out support for the newly-wed, letting them know that they are family.

Watch the video below:


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