Tuesday, November 14, 2017

WATCH: Grieving Fans Revisit Franco's Old Interview Video in Youtube


Franco Hernandez, a Showtime host and a Hashtag member, had been talked about lately due to his sudden death from drowning. Because of the incident, a lot of grieving fans have been looking at his past videos, and incidentally bumping them in the process. A number of past videos of him had been popping out lately and one of which was his former interview at Magandang Buhay, a morning television talk show by ABS-CBN, and the interview talked about the 3 things he can't live without.

1. FAMILY - it's so hard to survive without the family. They are his strength in his everyday life, from morning 'til evening, before he goes to sleep, after waking up. He says he can't live without his mom, dad, lola, siblings, cousins, etc. which we absolutely agree. As the saying goes " No man is an island!".

2. DANCING- he can't live without it because he started as a dancer, ever since he was still on the kindergarten, to grade school, 'til high school he already was a dancer. Until he had a job and quit because of his passion which is dancing. He added that it makes his life colorful and wonderful. We couldn't disagree more on this. Everyone else has their own passion, would it be singing, writing, painting, playing games, collecting stuffs, etc. Passion is a compelling desire for something , which makes it very hard to resist.

3. SHOWTIME- First of all it's a job and that he's needs a job for money to buy food for his family, to buy stuff he needs, grocery, to pay for bills. It's fun in Showtime, the Hashtags, videographers, director, etc. makes his life colorful. We can watch Showtime almost everyday and it is indeed a show made to entertain everyone through it's funny segments. Franco made place for himself in Showtime due to his current dance group 'Hashtag', a group of male dancers with handsome personalities and a great body shape. He somehow not only develop his talent for dancing during the show but also his way of hosting. A big portion of his memories constitutes Showtime.

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Fans were dismayed:

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