Sunday, November 12, 2017

WATCH: Shocking Hashtag Franco's Last Video with Girlfriend Seems to Say Goodbye!


It's hard to lose a loved one, especially someone that you already decided to commit yourself to. This is the case of Janica Nam Floresca, girlfriend of the recently-deceased Franco Lumanlan of Hashtag. Since the accident, she has mourned and lamented over the loss of her boyfriend, calling out to him to come back.

"You can never be replaced" she says in one of her Instagram posts, earning the condolences and loving support of their fans and followers. "Hang in there" and "condolence" were most of the comments in the photo; where a lot of followers also used crying emoji.

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Even in older posts and videos about the 2 of them, fans have commented that they are sad about everything that has happened and they are giving Janica support through these tough times. It's indeed hard when someone loses a person that they love very dearly, especially since everything happened so soon without warning.

While looking at their videos and photos, Janica noticed that in their very last video together, Franco seemed to be saying goodbye. He was telling her that he was really thankful to have her and he was really glad; as well as that he was sorry. Although it was vague was to what he was exactly apologizing for. In the caption, Janica calls out to her deceased boyfriend to come back, fulfill his promises and do their goals together. Such a heartbreaking video!

Watch the video below:


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