Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Daisy Romualdez challenge Annabelle Rama: "Tirahin mo na si Gretchen 'day!"

Gretchen left, Ruffa and Annabelle Rama right

It seems like the collision between Annabelle Rama and Gretchen Barretto has not subsided yet after Gretchen's innuendo to Ruffa Gutierrez ‌in the height of chaos between the Barretto sisters where both had a word war.

Annabelle Rama just celebrated her 67th birthday. Her daughter Ruffa gave a speech and proposed a toast for everyone.

"Huwag mo nang i-post ang ten-page letter mo, Ma. Peaceful na ang lahat,"requested Ruffa.

"Tapos na ang giyera, Ruffa," replied Annabelle. "Minsan lang ako magpo-post, tapos na."

Daisy Romualdez was around during the celebration. While Ruffa offered a toast, Romualdez shouted to Annabelle.

"Tirahin mo na si Gretchen, 'day," challenged Romualdez facing Annabelle.

"Tapos na, 'day," concluded Annabelle.

In an interview, Annabelle mentioned she doesn't want to prolong issue between her daughter towards the Barretos.


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