Monday, October 21, 2019

Ina Raymundo defended her daughter from a basher who says breasts became too big

Ina Raymundo IG

Ina Raymundo is a sexy actress who got married to a Ukranian-Canadian businessman, Brian Poturnak. Amidst giving birth to five children, the actress is still in a very good shape.

Her first child whom she bore at the age of 25 is now fully grown into a lady. In her Instagram post, she posted a picture of them showing how proud she is and can't believe her no.1 baby is turning 18.

On the comment section, Ina did not miss the chance to respond to user @katvalencia1023 who said her daughter's breasts became too big and hoping that she didn't make the busts too big because pretty girls do not need to exert too much effort.

As a mother, anybody would defend their child if being mistreated or disrespected. In a way, Ina just did her part of being one since the comment isn't a fact.

Ina also mentioned that it is her daughter's insecurity and just chooses to embrace it.


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