Thursday, October 3, 2019

Mocha Uson's appointment triggered Enchong Dee and Khalil Ramos

Mocha Uson left, Enchong Dee with VP Leni center and Khalil Ramos right
The pro-Duterte and sexy dancer Mocha Uson was appointed last September 23, 2019 as Deputy Administrator of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

Many reacted to the sexy dancer's appointment and were against it questioning her eligibility and qualification for the position as she was a part of electoral losers of party list in the previous election and is still within time frame of one-year ban though the appointment is legal.

Actors Khalil Ramos and Enchong Dee noticeably reacted to the Mocha Uson's oppointment.

Khalil retweeted Rappler's post regarding the appointment though no words involved yet numerous emoji of dismay or dissatisfaction clearly displays on his retweet. While Enchong Dee freely posted his discouragement of being a good citizen while officials fail to follow the law.
"It's discouraging to be a good citizen when the elected officials that implemented the law fail to follow the constitution. #AkoLangTo", with the same emoji Khalil used attached.

Uson's supporters also responded she deserved the position for helping a lot OFWs.

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