Monday, October 14, 2019

Regine Velasquez compared her bag's smell to Payatas dumpsite

The singer/host ventured vlogging community and has showed her bag collections on October 10 vlog.

It was unintentional that the singer described the bag's smell in comparison to Payatas dumpsite which was closed  19 years ago. This offended many viewers.

"Ito kasing bag na 'to, mabaho. It stinks. It's mabaho. I remember, noong binili ko talaga, ang baho talaga niya. It used to stink so much. It still is.

"I bought it in Hong Kong, I think. And it's mabaho, I think it's the kind of leather.

Regine has a documentary in Payatas wherein she also described how the place smells which can be compared to how the bag she holds smells.

"Kaamoy nung bag ko 'yung Payatas, nakakatawa. Kasi kapag nasa Payatas ka na, hindi mo na maamoy 'yung basura eh. Kasi kayo, pare-pareho na kayo ng amoy doon.

"This is the bag I was wearing. And so after the whole shooting, akala ko nasa Payatas pa rin ako, 'yun pala 'yung bag ko 'yung mabaho. Mas mabaho pa siya sa Payatas."

The host even let her son Nate smell the bag during her vlog to confirm.

Rgine's insensitive comment made her apologize on Twitter.

"I would like to sincerely apologize to the people of Payatas for my insensitive comment. It was not intentional and I should be more careful with the things I say."

Million of viewers are watching so we must always choose the right words to say.

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