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Isang sikat ng chocolate na pambata viral ngayon sa social media


Isang netizen ang concern sa mga bata dahil sa nangyari sa kanyang anak, nangyaring may nakita siyang FB page na nagpo-promote ng chocolate na sikat sa mg bata dahil na rin sa may laruan ito sa loob. Ang post tungkol sa pagkain na ito ay nag-viral sa FB page na "Here in Lapulapu" na sa kasalukuyan ay may 28k shares at  17k comments. Alamin ang kuwento ng concerned citizen na ito.

One morning (2 Years ago) I woke up to see that entire face of Guru (my son) was swollen, it was 6 am and he was crying in pain.

My wife and I were clueless of what happened and we took him to hospital. Doctor examined him and gave him some medicines (atrax and rantac) and he got ok in 1-2 days.
We thought it was some allergy or some insect bite. But it started growing and started happening 1/week. 

We got everything done i.e. Allergy Tests, Blood Tests and whatever is possible in our capacity but nothing came out in tests.

This continued for an year and it was the worst time for both of us and miserable time for Guru coz he was going through pain all the time it happened.
It was then the doctor advised us to keep a check on his food intake. They wanted us to keep a note of anything and everything he consumed.

After 2 weeks we finally discovered the root cause of this disease and it was KINDER J.
Its been more than a year now that we don’t let him eat Kinder J and he is totally ok now.
It was 2 days ago that I saw a full page advertisement of Kinder J in Times of India and it was then I thought of telling you people that don’t let your kid eat this shit.

Kinder J is already banned in so many countries; our country might or might not ban it but you can; for the safety of your kid.
Via Virat Bhargava


Ito naman ang say ng netizens:

  • Please do not blame the product. A lot of kids I know it's their favorite chocolate, and it didn't happen to them. It's because your son have allergy to some of the ingredients inside it. As parents, you must be aware of the foods where your kid have allergies.
  • Maybe your kids are allergic to nuts that's why. Dont blame the product. Blame yourselves as a parent coz you dont even know that your child are allergic to that certain thing
  • Undergone allergy tests but didn't detect anything. Turned out that he's allergic to Kinder Joy. As always, doctors will rely on parents' info to detect what ails their kids. It's not Kinder Joy's fault. Your kid has a particular sensitivity/allergy on this product. Parents should be responsible in determining those food do's and dont's for their brood.
  • Looks like an allergy. More specifically allergy to nuts. Don't blame the Kinder chocolate because many other foods will contain allergens. You may not be allergic to a certain type of food, but once you are exposed to a certain type of allergen, your body will remember this as a type of "foreign body" and then the next time you're exposed to it, you will always develop an allergic reaction. Not all kids will develop allergies to nuts. Some will develop allergies to eggs, chicken, seafood, etc. Most will not develop any allergy at all. The most important factor is a history of atopy (or allergy like asthma, allergic rhinitis, "skin asthma" or atopic dermatitis).
  • My baby had been consuming kinder joy and shes only 2years old but nothing happened, good thing shes not totally eating the chocolate inside it 😂 shes just enjoying the suprised toy
  •  If one doctor cannot detect the possible reason behind, you can go to another doctor to get 2nd opinion. 3rd opinion. Then if these doctors go down with one result then it must be it. So I say, its not because of the kinder joy... there must be some ingredient that is not suitable for this certain kid. And parents, its our job to find that out. What if it happens again but its not because of that certain product?
  • You dont blame the shrimp if you're allergic to it. You just avoid it. Kinder joy is banned because the toys that come with it are considered a choking hazard. Plus kinder joy has nuts a common trigger for allergies. That's probably the main cause. It's actually pretty alarming it took a year before it was found out that your kid is allergic to "kinder joy" only.


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