Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Ito pala isa sa dahilan kung bakit nag-crash ang helicopter kung saan nakasakay si Kobe Bryant

CBS New York YT 
Laking gulat ng mga tao nang biglang may kumalat na balita na pumanaw na raw si Kobe Bryant sa una, tila haka haka lang pero kalaunan ay naniwala na ang mga tao ng binalita na sa mga kilalang news site at TVs. Maslalo pa nagulat ang mga tao nang malaman nila na pati pala anak ni Kobe Bryant na si Gigi Bryant ay kasama sa mga nasawi. Pero tanong ng marami bakit at ano dahilan kung bakit bumagsak ang kanilang helicopter? Ayon sa balita ay nag-ask daw ng special permit ang pilot ni Kobe na lumipad ang helicopter kahit na sobrang ma-fog o mahamog ang klima sa panahon na yon.

The helicopter carry Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven other eople crashed in foggy conditions on Sunday in Calabasas, Calif. CBS2's Christina Fan has more on the early stages of the investigation.

Ito naman ang say ng mga netizens:

  • Regardless of the 'class' of passengers,methinks its best for any pilot to say a solid 'NO' when the weather doesn't permit safe flying. Its best to be fired, ALIVE
  • Just why did my hero, his beautiful daughter and the rest of those innocent passengers have to die in such A violent fashion at such A young age for??? This broke/breaks my heart man. If I am not crying on the inside about it, I am crying on the outside. May they all rest in peace.
  • I really feel sorry for this champion.  He worked so hard, has a family, young, rich and this happens! We can all sympathise, just typical how life turns out for a lot of us.
  • Should’ve could’ve would’ve.. just sad to see this had happened.  When it’s not safe don’t push it.  We all try to rush things in life. Just sometimes we need to sit back and wait. RIP to the lives that where lost.
  • The first thing I thought when I saw the first pictures was high speed impact at level flight. I’ve flown around LA in foggy or marine layer conditions and I’ve never asked for VFR. And permission should never be granted. Such a preventable loss. RIP 8 24
  • I live in Slovenia (Europe) and yesterday night (around the time of Kobe's helicopter accident in US) there was this super thick fog outside my house. Which is super strange, because this virtually never happens in my area. Thought it was really weird, especially now that I know the fog played a part in the accident. A murderous evil fog moving on earth lol.


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