Friday, November 10, 2017

Belarus of Miss Earth 2017 is Trending, Find Out Why!


Anyone knows that once you get into a world renowned competition such as Miss Earth, the public eye will be on you. Miss Earth 2017 candidate Polli Cannabis who hails from Belarus is currently trending within social media circles due to a pick pocket incident.

It all began last October 13, 2017 when Miss Cannabis went to Robinsons Place Manila, a local shopping mall in the Philippines. She was on her way to H&M for some shopping and sponsor meeting when the incident took place.

Miss Cannibis was trying on clothes, and walking around the store, with her group manager. Miss Cannabis noticed that there were four individuals who were acting very suspicious around her. After informing her group manager, she only then noticed her bag was opened and was missing smartphone, an Apple iPhone 7 Red.

The next day, she posted on her personal Facebook page, stating what happened, and how they should contact her. She also has a photo of her police report as well as a photo with a local policeman. The original post has been removed, most likely for security purposes, but screenshot are still circulating the internet.

Miss Earth Organization gifted her with new smartphone, while Robinsons as well as H&M are reportedly planning on giving her complimentary gifts.

Watch the video below:


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