Thursday, October 24, 2019

Gretchen Barretto and Atong Ang: Holding hands while sleeping sa plane

The Barreto clan feud have been keeping the netizens alive and kicking and feasting with different side of stories. Some are waiting for President Duterte's side, and some are just waiting and receiving for hearsay which seems like a bomb every time a new story sprouts.

In the previous articles, Atong Ang denied the claims that she was Nicole Barretto's ex-boyfriend and stated that she was just a employee in the past, also Tonyboy Cojuango as his business partner.

After Marjorie Barretto's interview with Karen Davila, Gretchen Barretto and Atong Ang's photo went viral, a photo of them together, holding hands while sleeping in a plane.

Gretchen felt like nothing's wrong with the photo and defended herself that she was just sleeping in a plane fully clothed and compared herself to Marjorie who has naked photos online.

Gretchen even shared these viral photos on her Instagram story.

Marjorie denied the accusations and claimed that it wasn't her in the photo.

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