Saturday, November 11, 2017

LOOK: Alisah Bonaobra Admits to Being Arrested by Police Before!


Alisah Bonaobra is one of the many contestants competing in the X-Factor UK. She has opened up about poverty and how her family struggled to survive back then. She admits that she had been arrested by police officers because she was peddling in areas where selling was prohibited. Apparently, there have been numerous instances that she was caught selling, regardless of whether it was sunny or rainy. Even if the city is being flooded, they needed to make money to pay the bills.

Bonaobra shares that their electricity got disconnected and they were even threatened to get evicted by the land lord. She also added that she only got to audition in the X-Factor UK because her mom borrowed from her nurse friend who was living in UK.

Watch the video below:


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