Monday, November 13, 2017

WATCH: Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff Wedding Reception Full Video!


It was just like a scene out of a romantic movie. Right after the wedding ceremony at Thurlby Domain Queenstown, New Zealand, everyone immediately headed to the Colonel's Homestead gardens located at the Walter Peak High Country Farm. Since the wedding concept is vintage and/or country-style, it was exactly pinned down that way. Guests are transported through a vintage steamboat, crossing Lake Wakatipu. Everybody are enjoying the beautiful scenery during the convey, while others take time making memories with each other's company by taking pictures. It is an exact picture of the famous movie Titanic that happened on early 1900s.

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Guests are starting to fill up the venue and waited for the newlyweds' arrival. People from outside peek through the wedding reception as well. At the garden, there located a vintage photo booth placed to somehow ease the boredom while waiting for the event to start. Some other guests find a place for themselves under a big umbrella and sitting on the grass covered with a big carpet.

The newlyweds arrive through a helicopter and everybody else is in a state of awe. Guests are starting to look for their respective seats at the reception. At the entrance are appetizers and different spices as well as a wooden board painted with the guests list and their various seats. Arrangement of guests seats are categorized through particular festivals they are in, very unique indeed.

The tables are designed elegantly with flowers and candles in the middle. Minutes after the couple arrived, the Masters of Ceremony, Luis Manzano and Nicole Anderson, then start the wedding party by introducing the newlyweds while guests wave around their table napkins as the couple walks on the center aisle . They start the event by giving a minute of silence and prayer for Franco, a showtime host and a member of hashtag, who passed away earlier that day.

Watch the full video:

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