Thursday, November 30, 2017

WATCH: Jason Abalos Spotted with Mayora Teased with Jairus Aquino!


One of the key elements that makes Filipino entertainment better and more memorable than any other industry is the ability to make random teasing, or to roast someone in the spirit of good fun and hearty laughs. This is what Star Circle host Jason Abalos has recently accomplished in pure and innocent fun.

Jason Abalos is a funky guy who is not ashamed of making himself the fool just to squeeze out a couple of laughs from other. The huge difference is that Jason looks really cool and not that annoying when he does these pranks.

In the video below, you can see Jason dub his video stories as “#jairuserye” where he tags his best friend and fellow Star Circle buddy, Jairus Aquino. In the video, you can hear Jason narrate his fishing trip to Cebu, as well as annoying his friends by saying things like he caught something really big, but turns out to be a really small fish. Jason maybe be that annoying friend, but we all know his intentions are just to make us laugh.

Watch the video below:

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