Tuesday, November 14, 2017

WATCH: Our Very Own Morissette Amon performs ‘Love On Top’ at Event with Michael Bolton


Every singer dreams to share the big stage with at least one of their musical heroes. Morissette Amon, coined as Philippine's "The Next Big Diva", got her wish as she gets the honor of being opening act for Michael Bolton's The Asian Dream Tour 2017. Amon sang her heart out to singles like "Defying Gravity", "Love on Top" and her own "Diamante".

Amon is a fitting voice to represent the talented country that we have, and she was truly ecstatic and honored with the experience; since it's not everyday that you get to share the stage with a musical icon such as the one and only Michael Bolton. She was really thrilled and happy.

The Asian Dream Tour 2017 is a follow-up to the original TV Series "Bolt of Talent". Michael Bolton is currently searching for his next protégé in this beautiful continent of Asia. The ADT is a series of exclusive concerts happening all across the continent, paying tribute to the legacy of the music icon and hoping to find the worthy successor.

Of course, we Filipinos are proud of Morissette Amon and everything she has accomplished at such a young age. Her powerful voice could only grow stronger with more experience and concerts.

Watch the video below:

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