Friday, February 22, 2019

Lovely dogs decide to pray before eating


Adorable dogs learned to pray before eating

Dogs, they say, is a man’s best friend. Probably this could be true. We have seen and heard stories and instances where dogs have saved their owner’s life. Some of them saved people they know nothing about, as long as they think someone’s in trouble. They mostly can sense if a calamity is coming, like a tsunami. They are a big help to the human race. They may seem filthy sometimes but hey we still love them no matter what. They are undeniably beautiful, cuddly and smart as well. Want to know and see the proof? The video clip below shall melt your heart on how far they could go by living with humans.

We usually have pets. And most of the human race chose dogs as their pet. Probably because of their being protective of their owner type of nature that everyone admire. Not just that, they could be so over protective to their young ones too. Just like any human does for their children, especially the mother. People also admire dogs not just because of this character but there are many worthy to be appreciated for too. They can be easily taught as well, the k-9s are the real proof here. They can be trained for something or to work for someone, I hope the latter would mean the positive kind that shall help the humanity. Even though some may not teach them some character one has to be taught with, they have this goodness inside of them. They mostly reach out and help humanity without being told to do so. They make way for humanity and some even died just to save our fellow humans. Some dogs are just so humane enough that their actions usually catch our attention. And seeing them do that upfront would surely melt your heart and brings you to tears.

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The video clip below will show you a bunch of dogs that are probably or mostly are taught by their owners. And some may have been influenced by their owners too. The dogs and their owner in the video are about to eat, but wait there is something that made them stop for awhile. They bow their head for awhile then started to pray before taking their meals. It is not just their owners who bow their heads but also the dogs. Who would have thought about that. This is such a good routine for animals too. It is very inspiring to see how they could give their thanks to the Almighty before taking such blessing.

Some may take this negatively but mostly would probably appreciate this. This would not just benefit them but also the other parents out there who got kids. These kids would truly admire and appreciate the dogs’ action. And without second thoughts, they might mimic the dogs and do the same routine as well. The video clip surely tells and shows to us how wonderful and amazing dogs can be. They are not merely dogs that guard the houses or treated as pets but also they can do something beyond what we always see.


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