Friday, February 22, 2019

Real life Tom and Jerry that will make your day with a smile


If Tom and Jerry were real; they probably like these!

Tenzy Jangchup
Science has taught us a lot of things, since we were little and up to now. It has always been a part of our lives and has been most probably seen in our text books and notes also. And could be seen in our exams too, it should be. And this life has been said to be composed of so many things. This world has been filled with a variety of creatures. From small to medium to large ones, may they be predators or prey. We got a certain identity in this world, but the video clip below shall tell you a totally different story far from the stereotyping we have. Far from the type of relationship we know from what we were used to, these creatures in the video clip shall show you another kind of perspective.

The world is such a big world with awesome creatures and living things that live with each other along every passing day. We live together and breathe together, and mostly our relationship with each other gets stronger and possibly changes from day to day basis. That is where some animals, especially those being treated as pets, usually are influenced by their human owners. Yet mostly still lives in the wild and been living the usual thing we know that exists in the books we had before since first grade. We learned about organisms being fed to a bigger living creature. Some are called carnivore, there are herbivores and there are also ones being called as omnivores. We can be both or the other. Some may be a predator and some could be the prey. The predator usually hunts for prey and consume them. They are usually very keen and swift. Who were they after for? Apparently, they are hunting down their prey. This relationship happens everywhere, may it be in the sea or at the house or at the beach. But what if I tell you that the creatures in the video have radically lifted the usual thing upside down.

Photo 1/4  Images courtesy of Youtube: Tenzy Jangchup Photo Credit Youtube/Tenzy Jangchup
Photo 2/4  Images courtesy of Youtube: Tenzy Jangchup Photo Credit Youtube/Tenzy Jangchup

Stop the hate over these predators. Everyone has a story tell and these animals made it just possible. We usually see predators chasing after their prey, at the jungle and even in our common neighborhood. But what if the prey could the one chasing the predator? This might seem to be impossible for you. Now, watch the video below and see for yourself. Look at how mischievous these rat could be. The mouse tried to play dead once a cat is within his vicinity. Then if he is now he would ran away from the cat

Photo 3/4  Images courtesy of Youtube: Tenzy Jangchup Photo Credit Youtube/Tenzy Jangchup
Photo 4/4  Images courtesy of Youtube: Tenzy Jangchup Photo Credit Youtube/Tenzy Jangchup

Look how adorable these two creatures are despite their differences. And what’s funny about this video is when the mouse tried to run and chase the cut. Sounds odd? It definitely is. Look at some of the videos while the mouse and the cat is chasing each other. You would see no weight matters because every people matters. Just like the predator is on their pray.


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