Friday, February 22, 2019

Reaction of thier baby when he hears mom and dad sing "One Day"


Very cute reaction of a baby seeing mom and dad sing together


Family has been the smallest unit of the community that has been giving a big impact in our lives. It has always been a part of almost everyone’s life around the globe. Most of us were molded into who were today by our family and some because of our environment. We lived day by day being immersed by how our family acts in front of us; during meals and even on how they handle things on their own. Most children would just listen and observe. And through this daily routine and how they behave mostly around their children, the family would mostly do their very best to become good role models to children. That’s why we think of the most beautiful thing to do that shall help children to grow as a big role model soon to the future generations. How do you spend quality time with your family?

Weekends usually are the most common time that we meet with and spend our quality time with our family. We mostly spend it through picnics and lunch outs. We spend the whole day or even fill the two days of vacation either spending in through movie marathons inside our houses, or just general cleaning and help the little ones how to do the basic household chores. It really doesn’t have to be something we have to spend so much money on. But no one would stop you if you wanted to spend time with your family outside the country. To go on a cruise, spend the whole day on theme parks, get soaked up in pools, or merely breathing fresh air and feeling the cool breeze in the countryside. We all are unique on how we spend quality time with our family. The family in the video clip below shall show you how they spend even the smallest of their time together. Some may wonder how it helped their little baby. Well, the expression on her face shall attest to that.

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Music simply helps a baby’s brain. As it is still learning and growing, getting it exposed to music shall help it sharpen. Listening to music help babies make different types of connections with their brains. With that, the video clip below shares a wonderful experience how this couple shares their quality time with each other and how their baby is enjoying it. And how did they actually spend their quality time? It is through singing.

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In the video shared below, a couple is seen singing a song called “One Day” while their baby is on her mother’s lap. Everyone might be familiar with the song and could probably say this song is really holding on some positive and powerful message to the whole world. Most people would really love hearing this song, especially with the two couples singing it. The awesome chemistry and symphony they made in the song is one rare voice that shall leave you in awe. Even the baby was so excited hearing them singing in the car. The mother seemed to be the main singer in the song and was singing it in high pitch whereas the father is not just singing along but is making awesome beats as well. What a great thing to do to spend quality time with your loved ones.


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