Wednesday, October 2, 2019

'Beautiful Justice'(GMA) v.s. 'Ang Probinsyano' (ABS-CBN) a collision of action packed TV drama

Coco Martin left Beautiful Justice's cast right
It's been several weeks that the two prime time TV series has been competitively cracking awesome ratings. Both shows concurs involvement of PDEA that made it even more interesting to viewers.

'Ang Probinsyano' leading man also known as Cardo Dalisay is a heroic policeman while 'Beautiful Justice' girls ( Yasmien Curdi, Gabbi Garcia and Bea Binene) are very determined to aim for justice. The latter can be compared the Hollywood's 'Charle's Angels' plot. On the other hand, 'Ang Probinsyano' is based on FPJ's (Fernando Poe Jr) 1997 film.

Would Coco Martin's nerves be alarmed for this or would the beauties of justice be aiming for a good shot and never fail expectant audiences?

Both bear great responsibilities to impress respective viewers. Cardo Dalisay has been alive and kicking for four years now, the longest-running action drama series on Philippine television history. It's Season 1 with 50 episodes has been uploaded on Netflix.

Both action movie coincides with reality in the Philippine country regarding drug problems.

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