Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Elaine Duran's bashers dumbfounded when announced Grand Champion of TNT Season 3

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Manila, Philippines – Elaine won 2 million cash prize, house and lot, and the most rewarding of all, a recording and talent contract fom ABS-CBN. This is surely jaw dropping moment to the champion's haters which silence negativity from anti-Elaine.

She was the first TNT record holder in history of noontime singing contest as she was a defending champion for ten consecutive days during the competition.

The champion doesn't just have a golden voice but a golden heart as well. On an entertainment press interview before the grand champion was held, the singer mentioned to donate funds to their church. Such generous and sweet thought. And now that she is victorious in the field of singing, she would surely be a big help to her church community financially.

Her winning serves a sweet revenge to her bashers especially those who threw abusive words regarding her appearance where silence as her response to a loud hater.

However, bashers possibly are also part of her success since life as it is, when people drags us down, it is a great drive and motivation to do even better, if not, do best. Her winning definetely proves a great talent she possess.


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