Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Biance Umali's Instagram post gets hot reactions from followers

Bianca Umali IG

Recent post from the actress/model Bianca Umali put a extreme excitement. Her skin-toned bikini made her look nude while confidently striking a under the heat of the sun.

Furthermore, her perfectly shaped body added fuel to viewers as her abs shown and sexy long legs are visibly attractive.

As of the moment, the post got 130k likes and almost a thousand of comments of appreciation and admiration from her followers.

Well known celebrities has also tapped the heart button and left comments on her photo.

The actress is also not free from bashers sharp dart arrows,

"She is blessed by a nice body, but this pic is just cheap. Oo nasa beach, oo ok lang magswimsuit, but I don’t know ha.. ang tacky talaga. Parang super papansin na ewan."

"Di nia ata knows kapag zinoom itey lol"

"Anything for likes"

"This photo screams tasteless."

Photo description is also in Spanish, "en paz" which means 'at peace'.
Bianca Umali IG 1/7

Bianca Umali IG 2/7

Bianca Umali IG 3/7

Bianca Umali IG 4/7

Bianca Umali IG 5/7

Bianca Umali IG 6/7

Bianca Umali IG 7/7


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