Saturday, October 19, 2019

Marjorie Barretto Refused to Shake Hands with Gretchen Barretto Despite Request of The President

Marjorie Barretto Refused to Shake Hands 

Last tuesday afternoon, Claudine Barretto posted on her Instagra post about her daddy's passing.

"Never knew I could HURT like this. Good bye, Daddy."

The family patriarch Miguel Alvir Barretto passed away last Tuesday, October 15 at 82.

At Thursday, Claudine also posted a video about her sister Gretchen Barretto who visited their late father's wake.

"And then,We are Complete @gretchenbarretto im so Proud of u.I admire & luv u more today #doubleinfinity #thatsmyAte," quoted Claudine on her post.

It is well known to everyone that their family feud hasn't been resolved yet since 2013 after thier mother Inday Barretto named Gretchen as 'evil' and 'liar'.

It hasn't been long since Claudine and Gretchen reconciled, but the relationship with another sister, Marjorie Barretto and their mother remains the same.

That same day, President Duterte also visited the wake accompanied by Senator Bong Go and Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo. The President urge Gretchen to shake hands with Marjorie just for the night as a respect of their deceased father.

Gretchen tried to pursue Marjorie as President's request with the thought of Marjorie being the older sister, however, the latter refused to do so and instead, mumbled about Gretchen being plastic just because the president is there.

Gretchen Barretto responded to Marjorie's Instragram post,

Will the family feud end? How far will they go?


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