Friday, November 1, 2019

James Reid rejects future team-up with Julia Barretto

Julia Barretto IG/ James Reid @TWBA

Last October 29, James Reid was interviewed by Boy Abunda at 'Tonight with Boy Abunda'. The actor was asked if he's willing to work with Julia Barretto in the future yet the Reid answered undoubtedly with a no.

Although the actor clarified that he has no problem with Julia Barretto, yet stated that there was 'too much noise when it comes to fans and stuff'.

Reid played a game on the show called 'Games Reid' which means 'yes' or 'Games Over Reid' which means 'no'. The host, Boy Abunda, would display photos random actresses James could potentially work with and he has to answer with a yes or a no with explanation.

Actresses that were shown were Yassi Pressman, Janella Salvador, Liza Soberano, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Barretto.

James answered 'Games Reid' to most actresses in the list and with regards to actress-singer Janella Salvador, he was hoping for an involvement with music.

And when it was Julia Barreto's photo was flashed, he seemed uneasy and asked,

“Do I have to explain?”

As he answered 'Games over', Abunda interrupted,

“Para walang gulo," said Abunda.

“Yeah, let’s make life easy,” agreed James.

James Reid is the boyfriend of actress-model Nadine Lustre.

There was a stir in the past about Julia and James seen together in a coffee shop yet the latter denied the allegation.


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