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Ai-Ai Delas Alas nag-petition para ma-tanggal ang isang palabas sa sikat na production company

IG @msaiaidelasalas

Manila, Philippines – Sobrang gigil si Ai-Ai sa isang movie sa Netflix na kung saan may isang movie na gay Jesus.

 “They [Netflix] haven’t said anything to us like, ‘Maybe we should stop making the special available.’ They support freedom of speech,” Porchat told Variety.

“The First Temptation of Christ” kicks off with Jesus, just 30, returning after 40 days in the desert with a new close friend, Orlando (played by Porchat), who is almost certainly gay, just as his family throws Jesus a surprise 30th birthday party.

IG @msaiaidelasalas

IG @msaiaidelasalas
Narito naman ang say ng mga netizens:

  • Wag naman sana. If you don’t want to watch it, then don’t. Some people like me wants to see this. I enjoyed the Last Hangover film which was also from this satirical group. I have a Netflix subscription and it’s good that I can see good films which aren’t available on cinema.
  • If you are not a Christian, I understand why you want to watch this show. But if you are, then you should check where your faith is at, this show is blasphemous in all levels. Patawarin sana ng Dion kung sino mang gumawa ng show na ito.
  • You are right. People should not dictate to others what to watch and not to watch. It’s not your business. You don’t have that right.Get a life. It’s a comedy.
  • Sobrang pambabastos yung gawan ng kwento ang ating Panginoon. Mga lapastangan!
  • Pwede namang gumawa kasi ng ganyang theme na movie pero ung character gagamitin eh Diyos matakot namn kayo. We stand witj our beliefs like you stand with yours. kung di kayo naniniwalang may diyos.. respesto lang..this is not funny...this is completely a blasphemy.
  • Yung tipong napakasensitive nila pero insensitive at the same time. Yung gusto nila irespeto sila pero sila walang respeto sa paniniwala mo. Sobra naman na yan
  • For us Catholics, we cannot take it. We find it a low blow for what we believe in. Pero it's an artistic decision that the producers of the movie wants to go through. Let us just accept the fact, that not everything has to go our way and other people find other concept entertaining. Again, not everything has to go our way. We live in a free world, let other people who have different beliefs express what they want. If we find it offensive, don't watch. Simple as that. But let us not impose our own beliefs to people who don't want to take it. Otherwise, let's just call ourselves Hitler.
  • That's what they want you to do, to accept it as a form of freedom of speech, but it's deeper than that. They are pushing a satanic agenda that has nothing to do with free speech/expression. This is not art, this is a program geared to destroy core family values so people can start accepting this as the norm. You have to shield your morals and values before it's too late. They have pushed, and will be pushing it even farther. You know what's next on their list? Normalizing pedophilia. Once you're free to accept everything, they will push this. So better learn when to say No and Stop. Not kidding you.
  • This is not funny... i am gay pero di ako susuporta sa mga gantong pangiinsulto kay GOD. tama si aiai.. masunog kayo sa impyerno.  

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