Thursday, December 19, 2019

YT Snap: Donnalyn Bartolome at Jose Hallorina nagkabati na lola ni Donnalyn niyakap na siya

Jose Hallorina YT/ Donnalyn Bartolome YT

Donnaly statement below:
  • Lola Ng Sikat Na YouTuber Hindi Na Namamalimos. 

My weakness had always been having a hard time being mad because I always have an understanding of why people do the things they do even if it will hurt me. So I end up experiencing it over and over again.. but I never thought this weakness would be my strength when it was just the two of us in that room. I asked her if she lost my number because her old number can’t be reached for a long time, she said no but she promised that she will stop changing numbers and will contact me directly through my number I instructed her to contact 5 years ago for absolutely anything.
She explained why she didn’t call me and regrets everything so please be kind to Mama, she still deserves respect and forgiveness. A grandmother or a grandaunt saying sorry to a grandchild was so painful, with her stiff arms from her disability she reached up to me while I’m standing, hugged me and cried saying sorry for everything. 💔 She said she didn’t mean it and she went through a lot of pain I didn’t know about because not very long ago, I was just a young girl who‘ve never been involved in our family’s misunderstandings. Being neutral is hard because you just wish everything was okay but it’s not. 💔

Being the peacemaker in the whole Bartolome family since I matured became easy.. so receiving this circumstance was challenging and so hurtful knowing I’ve done my part but I think this was all meant to be. This was given for me to overcome but not let it change my heart. Sa away family, I beg all of you wag niyo po kaming mga bata idadamay🙏🏻 From my experience, it’s traumatic 🥺

Jose, today when you told me “Sorry for not saying sorry” I felt everyone who’ve hurt me who never said sorry say sorry. That is the best Christmas Gift I have ever received. You simply didn’t know the whole truth and for that I forgive you and noone else who’s not involved has the right to stay mad at you.

Merry Christmas 🎄


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