Saturday, January 25, 2020

Ipinasilip ni Solenn Heussaff ang room ng kanyang anak na si baby Thylane (room tour)

Solenn Heusaff  IG/YT

Ipinasilip ni Solenn Heusaff ang room ng kanyang anak na si baby Thylane sa caption ng kanyang bidyo kanyang sinabi:

Thylane's been such an easy baby, but especially since I'm a new mom, I really don't like to stay away from her too long so I never leave my house. Lol. Nico and I wanted to make sure Thylane's room was cozy and comfy to spend a lot of time in, and so this is where we spend a lot of our time now :)

Ito naman ang say ng netizens:

  • Pwede na yan hanggang tumanda si Thylane. This will still look classy. I remember sleeping in my room with Beatrix Potter Wallpaper and headboard until i was 17. My bed was also a giant swan😫 and my closet a periwinkle birdhouse. My mom finally caved and remodeled at 18. She held on to it kasi super mahal when she bought them abroad in the 1970’s daw
  • Hindi ba dapat colorful ang room para ma stimulate ang brain? Ang bata bata ginagawa ng pa artsy. It’s about their development and not aesthetic dapat
  • True. Especially color red kasi yun ang unang color na nakikita ng baby 0-6 months. Kaya pag magbibigay ng toy, more on red dapat to stimulate the sense of sight. That’s on a nurse’s standpoint hehe
  • Actually, parental engagement and attentiveness are plenty to help stimulate te the child’s brain. There’s also arguments against too much colors/ stimuli for young babies.
  • Let’s not even get into the argument what the baby needs to stimulate the brain or their development. Who’s to say the room is not stimulating enough, just because it lacks ‘bright’ colors. When you have a small space, not only do you think of aesthetic but also function. I think the room fulfills what it was supposed to do. A baby’s room with clean lines, functional and no clutter.
  • It’s not the colours alone that stimulate a baby’s brain. She is breastfeeding her baby, breast milk is high in the kind of fat that’s needed for brain development. The parents’ interaction with the baby is another factor. I didn’t have a baby room for my first child. She slept with us. I breastfed her. We talked to the baby a lot. Didn’t have those bright colored toys or mobile stuff on top of cribs. In short in spite of the lack of such my kids grew up to be intelligent and achievers. I am sure the Huessaff family will give their baby a lot of stimulants other than those bright colored toys.
  • Jusko... anak ko nga walang baby room, pero natuto ng bumasa ng alphabets at one and half years old, and reading books at 2. Depende yan sa pagpapalaki ni Solenn at Nico, kahit dull colors everywhere pa sa buong house nila.


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  1. Beautiful Room,Ayan gusto ni solenn designs,maliwalas nga tignan Hindi xa Crowded tignan super tidy.atsaka wala tayo pakialam Kung ano Yung gustong design SA baby room nya...