Saturday, March 7, 2020

House Tour ni Mommy D. Kinaaliwan ng Netizens

Jikee Pacquiao YT
Pagdating sa mga nakakatuwang mga ina aba'y hindi riyan mawawala ang pangalan ni Mommy D. na ina ng All Time Boxing Champ na si Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao kaya naman tuwang tuwa sa kanya ang mga netizens sa ginawang vlog ni Jinkee Pacquiao kung saan nilibot nila ang pamamahay ni Mommy D. Talaga namang ganadong ganado si Mommy D. at walang halong kaplastikan ang pagsasama nila ni Jinkee. Talaga namang makikita sa vids kung gaano ka-natural ang kilos ni Mommy D. na halatang halata na close na close sila ni Jinkee. Panoorin ang nakakatuwang vlog na ito.

Ito naman ang say nag netizens:

  • Then realization hit me, Mommy D is so humble besides having billions of money. Sanaol in ani ang mga tawo.
  • it’s so nice to see how simple they are inspite of everything they have
  • I searched for this after watching Sen. Manny's interview giving advice to Sarah and Matteo's marriage life.
  • Mommy dionisia is so blessed having a kind Daughter in law And son Manny pacquiao.
  • Home with a touch of humble beginnings ❤
  • When a son is very generous to his mother kahit may pamilya na, malaking possibility dahil mabait ang asawa niya.
  • The family who still remained simple and God fearing even already so rich.
  • Typical Filipino Mommy si Mommy D. From the collection to every country, teacups at tsaka may clothing cover sa appliances hehehehe love the Pacquiaos so much... simple and humble ❤️
  • wow she's like my mom. hoards a bunch of things in the house. it's like a well organized mess. bet you those kitchen cabinets have a bunch of unused plates and glasses
  • I love the house of Mommy D kasi may picture sya Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary sa front sa door. ๐Ÿ˜Š God bless you Pacquiao family
  • Malakas ang pananampalataya ni mommy D kaya umuulan ng biyaya sa kanyang pamilya, we loved YOU mommy D and Pacquiao Family more BLESSINGS pa, more vlogs po hehe.. PROUD FAN HERE ๐Ÿ˜˜


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