Sunday, June 14, 2020

Frankie Pangilinan, Matapang na Nakipagsagutan kay Ben Tulfo

Frankie Pangilinan has finally responded to Ben Tulfo's reaction about her statement regarding r@pe culture. 

Matapang na nakipagbuweltahan si Frankie Pangilinan kay Ben Tulfo tungkol sa r@pe issue. According to Frankie, calling her "hija" does not belittle the point she made. Matapang din na ipinost ni Frankie ang sagutan nila ni Ben Tulfo na kung saan tinawag siya na "wannabe smart aleck." Pinalitan din ni Frankie username niya sa Twitter ng "hija" na siya ring itinawag ni Ben sa kanya. 


Dahil sa shinare ni Frankie Pangilinan na post ng Rappler na sa post ay sinabi ng mga pulis na "Don't wear short clothes to prevent s3x crimes". Her response caught the attention of Ben who said that ladies should be careful with how they dress up since it is "inviting the beast." 

This eventually prompted Frankie to address Ben's statement and said no one should ever be deemed as an opportunity to be séxually assaulted just because of how they dress. 

Ipinost din ni Frankie ang tweet sa kanya ni Ben na sabi'y: "wannabe smart aleck" about her statement in a different tweet. At nag-tweet din si Frankie na sabi'y:
"The way he was braver on FB because he knows I'm not on there."


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