Monday, October 26, 2020

Netizens Nagulat sa Nangyari sa Condo ni Tekla Pagkatapos Iwanan ng Ka-live in Nito


Condo ni Super Tekla nagmistulang dump site sa dami ng basura!

Donekla YT Channel

Another trending vlog from Donekla in Tandem is hitting million views in a snap! This just proves million of people are following the story of Tekla and his live-in partner Michelle who recently reported Tekla to RTIA (Raffy Tulfo In Action) which now have 5 episodes. Now people who binge watch has been calling it ‘Tulfo and chill’ in replacement to the famous trend ‘Netflix and chill’. 

It is shown on Donita Nose’s video footage how messy the condo is from the doorstep of entrance to every corner of the house. There is neither one single place which is tidy. Everything is a trash!

Donekla YT Channel

Donekla YT Channel

Donekla YT Channel

Netizens admired how Donita cares for Tekla’s well being even before her friend’s issue exploded and up until now. She mentioned how untidy the condo was as seen during the video call she has with Tekla and that might be the reason why Donita came over to Tekla’s place to witness and do a clean up. 

“Sobrang pinakita niya sa akin kung anong mga iniwan ng mga taong nakatira dito sa kanila na kasama niya before.”

 “Kailangan po talaga nating makita kung anong meron sa loob ngayon dahil sobrang magugulat po kayo. talaga kayo dahil dun sa nakita ko sa video call namin.”

“My God napamura ako ng napamura sa nakita ko,” Donita said. 

Tekla seemed fine during that day yet very devastated the previous couple of days as mentioned by Donita, he’s really trying to show a happy face and even still say a joke. He was asked how he is and Tekla said he’s fine yet doesn’t know where to start the clean up as everything is not in place and really dirty but still “Life must go on” for him. 

Trash bins so full, cleaning utensils are even messed up, kitchen doesn’t seem like  a kitchen, food leftovers are everywhere with flies as the toppings 🤮, and the sink? Not sure if you can call it a sink or trash container maybe? Check how the dishwasher, and the sponge, be the judge. 

“Fully furnished siya nung nilipatan niyo, ngayon wala, puro panis, fully panis na.” 


Donekla YT Channel

Donekla YT Channel

Rotten food are everywhere! Stinky smell is all  over the place that they can’t stand it without a mask on. 

“Di kasi, sobrang na depress ako, wala akong magawa, iyak ng iyak...” explained Super Tekla who didn’t get the guts to tidy things up due to his problems. 

That is why netizens are requesting a makeover on Tekla’s condo kasi mostly things can’t be used anymore. 

They admired how Donita helped in so many ways, even did the cleaning.

Hoping for Tekla’s condo to return back to its rightful state. Can’t wait for it! Stay strong Tekla, you are surrounded by true friends.


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