Saturday, October 17, 2020

Tiktok Sensation na Nagpasikat ng ‘Flight attendant challenge’ Tinanggal na sa Trabaho


Tiktok sensation Jen Barangan emotionally bids goodbye to being flight attendant

Jen Barangan YT

The ex flight attendant tearfully shared on her YouTube vlog the true story behind losing her job. Jen spoke regarding it while being quarantined for 14 days and was so emotional about being alone during the time without anybody in her family whom she can asked to be with her. While on the other hand, her work mates were able to go home to their respective provinces. 

Jen was well known with her ‘Flight attendant challenge’ on Tiktok with numerous participation from her viewers around the world. This ‘duet this’ challenge is trending even up to now. 

Viewers were caught up by the flight attendant’s charm while doing her Tiktok video adorably. 

Many were sad and affected when the young lady lost her job which made her renowned in the Tiktok community. 

Whist, Jen’s fans never failed to encourage and cheer her up in the crisis of her life. She was also very pessimistic about what’s just happened during this pandemic. 

Jen Barangan YT

Jen Barangan YT

Jen also shared that her whole world was crashing down, her body went numb, when she learned about losing her. She mentioned she couldn’t move at first and was shocked after reading the email that was accidentally sent to her. Jen said on her vlog:

“And that was the time that I really need a hug from someone but it’s not possible because I’m all alone. I feel alone during that time.

“I couldn’t possibly share it to my family because I know they’ve been through a lot and knowing I am the breadwinner.

Jen Barangan YT

Jen Barangan YT

“It felt like I was in a relationship with someone and I already knew that my partner has fallen out of love towards me but I still stayed because I love him so much...”

Effective October 16,2020, Jen Barangan is no longer part of the company, no longer a flight attendant, and lost a job that she dearly loved.


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