Sunday, October 18, 2020

Aubrey Miles Ginulat ang Netizes sa kanyang Napakamamahal na mg Halaman


Aubrey Miles spent Php300,000 on a single plant!

Aubrey Miles YT

Plants make people happy as quoted by actress, model, social media influencer, Aubrey Miles. She has been collecting plants for 9 years already, specially rare ones. Aubrey started growing welcome plants, flowers, whom she thought are the easy ones to grow but turns out the hardest, and ornamental plants. 

Aubrey refers to plants as kids who doesn’t complain and cry. The feeling of growing from little seeds until it becomes a tree excites her. It makes her proud to grown them and is one of her achievements. 

Her Monstera plant has been with her for 9 years and has been her favorite, as what she says, it’s the plant that never gives up on her. 

Aubrey Miles YT

The most expensive plant she has bought cost her 300,000 pesos! A colorful variegated billietiea. That’s crazy, right?

Yes, Aubrey thinks sometimes people thought about her of being insane for buying a single plant as costly as that! But she’s wise enough even when buying expensive plants because she grows and propagate, and of course sell it to get her investment back. 

Aubrey Miles YT

Aubrey Miles YT

Isn’t it a wise idea to get your money back?

Aubrey’s one of rarest plant is the spiritus sancti. Not all country has this plant and is one of the most talked about plants in the world. Why? They grown the hardest un the mountains, yet grow with the ones that cultivates them. 

Aubrey Miles YT

Aubrey Miles YT

Aubrey Miles YT

She’s planning to get a bigger green house to make space for her plants and to make a bigger spot for her family’s playground since some part of their house has been occupied by her plant collections. 

Talking to her plants is something she find funny

You have to feel your plants and vibe with them, growing plants is like taking care of your pets who will give the love back even more than you give. 

“A plant is actually a friend that you can have when you’re alone. That’s the best thing,” said Aubrey. 

She has over a hundred more plants species in her collections.


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