Saturday, November 21, 2020

Ex Flight Attendant Jen Barangan just got a new job!


We all know how this beautiful flight attendant sensation has her downfall right after losing her dream job, we witnessed how she cried on her vlog while sharing her heartache, we learned how she accidentally received the email about the retrenchment  of the company she passionately worked for, and we followed updates about her since then. 

And now, she’s got a new jooob!!! Yeyyy! 

In her recent YouTube vlog, she shared her newly rented room in the city area where she could easily get access to every collaborations she’s getting with certain brands. Jen mentioned how pissed off she was and nearly cried the first time she transferred in her new place since it was flooded with the overflows of rainfalls but she got it fixed right away with the help of the owner. 

Jen Barangan YT

She had as little bit of room tour and it’s clearly shown that her place might be a little disorganized yet but it’s noticeable how tidy the place is. Hmmm I bet I’m not the only one thinking about room transformation. Jen is also excited about it!

Her flight attendant uniform was also included in the stuff she brought with her, the shoes too which was all provided by Cebu Pacific, including the PPEs. Jen brought those memorable stuff she used to wear at work for remembrance. We can based on her reaction when showing her uniforms that she has moved on from the situation and is happy of her current lifestyle already. 

Jen Barangan YT

Jen Barangan YT

Jen is also giving away some of her clothes to the typhoon victims and few sleepers. How kind of a heart she has. 

Netizens has been asking Jen about her plans, specially job opportunities, if she would go back to the job she dearly loved as a Flight Attendant. So the latter addressed these concerns through this vlog also saying she’s not really sure but not closing the possibility. She’s trying to be realistic  and don’t wanna break anybody’s heart. 

Jen Barangan YT

Netizen: “Ano na ba trabaho mo ngayon?”

“I actually decided to be a full time content creator because what In realize is nawala ‘yung isa sa mga pinka importanteng ginagawa ko and that’s me being a flight attendant. 

“Now I don’t wanna lose that part also of me na happy din akong gawin being a content creator. A full time content creator,” answered Jen. 

There were a lot of job opportunities from people and have offered like real estate, being a financial advisor, in which she politely declined.

“It’s because I really wanted to focus on creating more content. I still have a lot of experience that I wanna share to you guys.”

And another thing, job opportunities from Cebu Pacific and  Air Asia were offered to her. 

According to Jen, before the retrenchment, Cebu Pacific Air already offered her a job under the marketing team and she still declined. 

“I declined it’s because the job they offered me, it would demand a lot of time for me. And some of the job description do not fit me also as what I have observed.”

“I don’t wanna accept a job for the sake of having a job,” said Jen. 

Tendency is she might end up not performing well and she’s not that kind of a person daw. 

“Kapag hindi ko siya gusto, I might give them a half baked output.”

Air Asia also offered a job that’s close to what she’s doing, a Social Media Manager, yet she declined for the reason that she wanted to focus her on creating a content. 

“I am a full time content creator now.”

What’s important for Jen is that she’s happy with what she’s doing now and she love doing what she’s passionate about. 

Good job Jen! God bless on the new road you’re taking! You can do it!


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