Monday, November 23, 2020

Claudine Barretto Isinugod sa Ospital at Kailangan agad Operahan


Elly Gray YT Channel

Claudine announced on Instagram live that she’s confined and was rushed to the hospital. She announced that she will be having an operation. 

“Hello my palanggas and Claudinians, I just wanted to keep you posted that I’m now at the hospital. I’m confined. And tomorrow they will be doing a, they will be operating on me. I’m now confined in St. Luke’s.”

Her appearance looks unwell and pale which she also admitted that she looked terrible. Well, that’s understood since she’s at the hospital and who else would beautify herself if it’s an emergency right?

Elly Gray YT Channel

Elly Gray YT Channel

“Sorry I really look terrible. Ang sama ng itsura ko mukhang may sakit talaga ako.”

She also mentioned what happened last year during her dad’s wake that she was hospitalized. That was when she and her sister Marjorie had a fight in front of their late dad’s wake. That was the time where her right hand was injured. 

“Pero if you remember last year naospital ako during my dad’s wake. And yung right hand ko medyo nagkaproblema. So tomorrow chineck ng doctor ko I have to have an emergency procedure so I’m asking everybody to please pray for me. And not to worry mga palanggas and Claudinians strong naman ako kaya ko naman.”

It’s an emergency procedure and Claudine is asking everybody to pray for her. Yes, she is strong just like how she said it. The actress has been into a lot of trials and struggles in life yet still fighting and standing still. She also assured to keep her fans posted and updated about her recent situation. 

Elly Gray YT Channel

Elly Gray YT Channel

Elly Gray YT Channel

“I just wanted to say hello and to keep you posted.”

It’s good to know that her sister Gretchen never left her side during her lowest times specially now that she needs someone to lean on. 

“I’m really scared. My ate Gretchen ever since this morning she’s been making laugh and laugh and laugh. So at least naging maganda yung araw ko.

“And it’s now 12 midnight, fasting, no food no water anymore. 7AM I’m gonna be having my operation and procedure done sa aking arm, I mean sa aking kamay.”

She didn’t have an idea that she will be undergoing an operation.

“Sorry biglaan lang to, I didn’t even know that I was gonna be rushed to the hospital but since it’s an emergency they really have to operate on my hand.”

The next morning was also an update from her as promised wherein she was headed to the operating room for the procedure and again asked for prayers that everything will go smoothly. 

She also didn’t forget to thank those who have been supporting and praying for her. 

We will continue to do so Miss Claudine. We are praying for your speedy recovery. Stay strong as how you have always been!


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