Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Mga Larawan na Kuha ng Netizens sa Pagtulong ni Jericho Rosales at Kanyang Asawa During Flood Viral


Jericho Rosales and wife Kim Jones helped without hesitation amidst filthy flood

Sheena Marie Maravilla Elijan FB

One of the trending topic online are the married couple Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones out and about helping people in the midst the devastation of the recent typhoon Ulyses which hit some areas in Luzon particularly in Marikina. 

Numerous victims were trapped in individual’s houses and what’s most noticeable were the people savings themselves and their family member from the flood who were seen at the top of every roof. 

Sheena Marie Maravilla Elijan FB

Sheena Marie Maravilla Elijan FB

Sheena Marie Maravilla Elijan FB

Regardless of their pitiful situates, we can still see right through the heart of the Filipinos when their animals or pets were also being rescued and were on the roof. 

What’s painful are the children, even infants, who were affected by this typhoon. Wet and soaked in rain, without a single shade and nothing but nonhardy umbrella. 

Not an inch of hesitance, the married couple mentioned reached out and lend a hand to poor victims of typhoon with nothing but their surfboards. 

Sheena Marie Maravilla Elijan FB

 Sheena Marie Maravilla Elijan FB

Sheena Marie Maravilla Elijan FB

According to Jericho, 

“This morning paglabas namin, baha na. Usually kapag baha dito kasi, ganyan talaga. Laging ganyan ang problema. Sometimes walang boat o floatation devices so naglabas kami ni Kim ng surfboards.

“Okay naman yung mga napuntahan namin sa bahay, safe naman sila, thank God.

“May mga iba lang na hindi na mapuntahan ng mga rescue teams kasi malakas na yung agos at wala pang boats.”

A netizen named Sheena Elijian captured some photos and videos of the actor with wife Kim while roaming around the neighbourhood. 

Residents were asked by Kim Jones if help is needed. 

The couple’s act aroused the netizens admiration as this isn’t the first time that Jericho Rosales lend a helping hand to his neighbours in Marikina. 

The actor was also seen in the year 2009 helping the people stranded in flood using his surfboard. 

Here are some comments from the netizens:

“God bless to this couple they are trying their best to help people on their own way salute to both of you.”

“I admire and respect this couple! Despite being public figures, they didn’t have any second thoughts of helping people. Salute to both of you! Keep on spreading your kindness and light! God bless you a thousandfolds!”

“Yan ang tunay na makatao walanv diri diri sa sarili para lang makatulong sa kapwa Pilipino. Kaya yung mga ibang tao dyan na may kaya tumulong sa kababayan natin hindi puro pangako asan yung binitawang pangako nyo.”

The couple never felt disgust about how filthy the flood might be. Truly, little things counts. 

God bless you both!


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