Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Willie Revillame at GMA Network Handang Tumulong kay Super Tekla Sakaling Mapunta sa Korte ang Laban


Super Tekla and live-in partner Michelle issue is all over the internet now, it has been trending nationwide and netizens are following every update of this issue thru Raffy Tulfo In Action and Donekla in Tandem vlogs. 

One famous Kapuso host, Willie Revillame, co worker of Super Tekla in GMA Network is also affected since he has known Tekla for quite a long time. Regardless of the issue he has with Tekla in the past, Willie or most known as Kuya Will is still concern about his co workers situation. 

Donita Nose, Tekla’s friend, was one of the reason how Kuya Will reached out a helping hand for Super Tekla. 

Donita Nose IG

Donita Nose IG

A quick recap on the story, it all started when Tekla’s live-in partner for 4 years, Michelle, complained to Raffy Tulfo In Action that the famous comedian Super Tekla is forcing her sexually even when she doesn’t want to and would want to call it over with Tekla. She’s asking financial support from her partner after separation since they also have new born baby who currently has inborn illness. 

Tekla’s GMA Network friends defended him so as his manager. The issue is affecting the comedian’s image and the network he’s working for. 

Tutok To Win

Donekla YT

Donekla YT

It has been reported that this can be considered as cyber bullying based on the video footage, taken 2 days before Michelle reported to Raffy Tulfo In Action, without Tekla’s permission. 

It was just recently that GMA Management and Willie Revillame recruited Super Tekla back to work that is why the latter didn’t receive his salary yet and the reason he cannot provide the financial assistance requested by his partner. 

It has been said that Wille Revillame’s side will reach out to Raffy Tulfo In Action for Tekla. Kuya Wil has seen Tekla’s struggle who is now trying to change for the better. 

The GMA Network and Willie Revillame are willing to help Super Tekla get the justice he deserve if this issue ends in court. They want to make sure it is fair and square and not thru trial by publicity or trial by media since this isn’t right because many lives were being ruined and people being accused wrongfully. 

They also decided to investigate the very root of this issue. 

Michelle’s drug test was also being scheduled to make sure the support she’s getting from RTIA will not be used illegally knowing that Michelle was using drugs and into vices before. 

Many were dismayed by Raffy Tulfo in Action thru how Raffy Tulfo handled the matter but he made assurance that everything will be fair for both sides.


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