Friday, September 10, 2021

Donita Nose and Super Tekla Nanginginig sa Takot Matapos Malaman na Nagkaproblema ang Sinasakyang Eroplano

Photo: Donekla YT

In a vlog uploaded on YT last September 1, 2021, by Donekla in Tandem, a fused YT channel of the comedians Donita Nose and Supertekla, appears the two comedians’ vlogging their trip to Maldives. But what went so wrong that the most excited comedy actors had to cancel their flight immediately for the day and reschedule their supposed trip?

Photo: Donekla YT

Photo: Donekla YT
Photo: Donekla YT

Here is what happened

Donita nose and Supertekla are known to be one of the funniest tandem in comedy industry.

In their recent vlog together, the two were excitingly vlogging the whole trip to Maldives for the mentioned business trip and even catch up to the nature and unwind a bit- disconnecting from the stresses of life.    

The two were even dressed as fancy as Celine Dion and Lady Gaga- as to what they claimed.  

They booked a private plane as their means of transportation to the said continent.

Photo: Donekla in Tandem YT

While on the plane waiting for their take off, the two even exchanged jokes and really had hilarious yet fun time together with their team. But little did they know, their supposed trip was not going to happen that day.

After the two said their goodbyes to the camera and probably enjoy the rest of the plane trip while looking at the picturesque scene from above grounds, they promised to vlog immediately when they arrived on Maldives. And just a little while later, the next clip shows a panicked and anxious Donita and Tekla.

They had a little commotion inside the plane, although they weren’t sure of what was really happening, all they knew was something is off because the plane didn’t further flew up high and remained on the same altitude level. As Donita claimed, she saw Laguna a couple times and believed they were just taking a round above the city.

“Parang hindi tayu lumalayo, ta’s umiikot, ta’s para kasing nakikita ko pa rin yung Laguna.” Donita said.        

Despite the frightened comedians along with their team, the pilot and the Captain remained calm and even cracked a joke saying

“Balik tayo, na iwan ko yung bra ko.”

And what the captain had just said, is enough to understand that there was really something wrong with their aircraft and that they are about to land back.

Luckily, they all landed safely and no one was harmed so that’s good enough. They were offered to take on another commercial plane, however, the two decided not to go on the said trip for the day because they had enough of that frightful experience minutes ago. Tekla talked repeatedly how he believed that to be a “Bad sign” and perhaps cancelling the trip is the best thing to do. 

Photo: Donekla in Tandem YT

Upon landing, Donita asked the Captain of what the whole trouble was all about and the captain was kind enough to enlighten his passengers to what had happened.

Photo: Donekla in Tandem YT

The Captain explained that the plane, unfortunately, was not properly pressurized. Although it was not somewhat like a life threatening thing, they still had to abort the mission since they could lose plenty of gasoline if they push through the trip.

“The higher the plane, the lesser the gasoline consumption” he said.

But who know what could happen if they did, right?    




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