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Katotohanan sa Viral na Bidyo ni Migz Molino na Umiiyak sa Harap ng Labi ni Mahal!

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When we lose a family member or a “special someone”, we cry and grieve for our loss because of our broken hearts.  Just like the said video of Migz Molina that went viral for crying in front of his rumored girlfriend Noemi “mahal” Tesorero’s remains just outside the hospital.

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Migz Molino and Mahal were long rumored to be dating just recently. The two are reportedly living together. But despite the netizens curiosity, the two never confirmed their relationship status. However, upon watching their vlog together, you could never deny the sweetness of these two.

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Last August 31, 2021, the sudden news of the actress Mahal’s passing shocked and broke the heart of the netizens. Though the cause of death was not stated, netizens respected the family’s choice of not disclosing the cause. 

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Recently, after the actress/comedian’s death, a video of his rumored boyfriend went viral on social media where he was seen breaking down in front of Mahal’s dead body just outside the hospital. It obviously brought tears to many people who watched the video.

 The comment section was filled with empathy and people felt sorry to the actress’ family but especially to Migz Molino who was obviously torn to pieces.

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HOWEVER, It was later on argued that the alleged video which went viral was NOT migz and neither was the late actress’ body.

According to the report, the remains of Mahal was already claimed by her family from Migz in Batanggas. The family of the actress has already been preparing for her cremation ceremony, yet, the exact location is to be announced.

The sister of Mahal has confirmed that Covid-19 was the cause of her death- the reason why the final disclosure of her ceremony is still subject to change.

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When announced as Covid-19 victim, strict protocols is to be followed upon funeral, but the family assured that despite the strict protocols, they will make sure that the friends and relatives close to the actress will have a chance to see her one last time.

Migz, however, still hasn’t posted his sentiments or his reactions in any of his social media platform about the death of Mahal. Because of his respect to his late rumored girlfriend, he would like to keep things between them private and the way they used to be when mahal was still alive.

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Photos of Mahal on her deathbed also went viral and was confirmed they were actual photos of her last moments. 


Photo: Showbiz Philippines YT


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