Sunday, November 12, 2017

LOOK: Anne Curtis in Beautiful Vera Wang Gown Looks Like Brooke Shields!


Anne Curtis is not only a beautiful face but a talented actress, model, brand endorser and host so it comes as no surprise when she looked stunning in her Vera Wang wedding gown. She had a very simple outdoor makeup and her signature blood red lipstick, sporting a cute heart-shaped sunny that surprisingly worked well with the vintage gown.

A few commented that she looked like the looked like Brooke Shields, an American actress and model who was a former child star just like Anne; because of the way the latter carried her beautiful gown with such tenured poise and elegance. Fans were happy and delighted that the guests at the wedding have been generous in sharing their pictures of the bride-to-be.

Anne Curtis in her ravishing Vera Wang gown is one of the most re-posted photos in Instagram today, with hundreds of fans and followers expressing their delight and happiness at their idol's tasteful and exquisite dress. A lot of them also expressed that they're happy that the venue was in New Zealand because of the beautiful view; but also dismay that their favorite actress was miles away from the Philippines on her special day.

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