Wednesday, November 29, 2017

LOOK: Kean Cipriano Surprised by OPM Fan Grab Driver!


If you ask anyone who chances an encounter with their long-time idol, they are bound to get a chilling case of getting starstruck. Though we may put them on a high pedestal, we have to remember that these stars are just people like us. Such is the case with Kean Cipriano, just an average guy riding Grab.

Long time OPM fans know who Kean Cipriano is since he is a well known musician who not only composes his own songs, but  is an actor, and a music video director. He is currently the vocalist for the pop-rock band Callalily since 2006.

As seen from his video story, Kean is tired from a long day of work when booked a ride with Grab, a popular ride booking app . An unnamed Grab driver remained cool, calm, and collected when he realized OPM superstar Kean Cipriano hopped in for a ride.

The driver was very focused on the road and driving, but you could hear the song that the sone her was rocking out to was Mottaka by popular but not mainstream band, Queso. In his second video, you can hear the legendary Hiwaga performed by the platinum-selling band, Wolfgang. In both videos, Kean captioned “This grab driver is an OPM fan. Legit.”

Watch the video:


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