Sunday, November 19, 2017

Netizens Bashing Joel Cruz for Degrading His Maids During the Baptism


Joel Cruz is admired by many for the fragrance kingdom that he has built for himself. He is known for his businesses and also for his grand lifestyle; however, he is currently under flak during the baptism of his third set of twins. The baptism gathered a lot of showbiz personalities and stars so what he did certainly raised the eyebrows of some netizens who expressed their opinion.

During the event and solemn affair, Cruz let the nannies of his twins wear maids' uniforms, making them look unhappy in front of the cameras and during the pictorials. A lot of netizens got angry and concerned about the decision to make his help look like royal maids with uniform.

The bashers commented that the maids looked unhappy and that he should have just let them wear something casual. He shouldn't have degraded them in a way that he has marked them as the help and not as guests to the Christening of his children. There were a lot more angry comments like how he has gone too far and he is feeling like a royal blood with his outfit but he couldn't even get something decent for his companions.

What do you think about the issue? Has he gone too far?

Watch the video below:

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