Monday, November 13, 2017

TRENDING: Jessy Mendiola Bashed by Netizens Who Said that She Wasn't Invited to Anne's Wedding!


During the pre-wedding dinner of Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff, Jessy Mendiola and Angel Locsin got into a controversy because they both wore the same flower-themed dress. Angel Locsin allegedly wore the dress first, according to the netizens in Instagram. Because of the issue and a lot of bashing from netizens in Mendiola's account, she had to block comments from her Instagram. However, she could no longer keep quiet when another basher told Luis that he should marry Jessy as proof that he really loves her.

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According to the Instagram user, marrying Jessy was the only way to save her from all the bashing and hate. Mendiola had her own opinion on the matter, wherein she said that she has hopes and dreams, and that marriage doesn't have to happen just so that she could be saved from bashing. She also had a few words to the people that said she wasn't really invited to the wedding.

But the bashers weren't done with her yet. One of them said that it's obvious Jessy Mendiola wasn't the one who composed the civil response but Luis Manzano. That person also said that if you don't want hate to spread then don't reply or just block.

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