Monday, November 13, 2017

VIRAL: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Eats at Jollibee and Makes Friends with Filipinos!


Jollibee is one of the most popular Filipino fast food chains in the world so it's no surprise when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decides to buy his favorites in the Philippines itself. The diners were in for a treat when they saw one of the more good-looking world leaders stop by Jollibee’s North Harbour Branch in Manila upon arrival.

rudeau is one of the many world leaders that are present for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit, to meet with other world leaders and talk about issues and diplomacy. He is not conscious that he is out of place, in fact he humors the Jollibee crew by taking pictures with them; and the Filipino fans by conversing with them.

Trudeau takes the opportunity to get to know and talk to some of the Filipinos dining in the store. He laughs and talks to them, and they are happy (as evident in the pictures. The netizens were beyond thrilled. A few cracked jokes but a lot were awestruck to see their idol or crush in the Philippines, in Jollibee no less, which was kind of a Philippine trademark. Social media erupted with comments saying what a down-to-earth person he is.

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