Friday, November 10, 2017

TRENDING: Regine Velasquez with Julie Anne San Jose, Morissette Amon and More Divas!


Regine Velasquez is Asia's Song Bird and without a doubt, one of the best female singers in the Philippines. On her concert, she decided to gather the best divas of this generation for a unique sing-off, showcasing all their prowess and high vocal ranges. Acielle Santos, Julie Anne San Jose, Morissette Amon, Angeline Quinto and Jonalyn Viray sang Velasquez's classic songs, and some other ballads in their own rendition.

Because the Asia's Song Bird is a well-known and highly-respected singer, she gives opportunity to other singers from the younger generation to shine on her night. She is beaming with pride, listening to the voices of the ladies that she has helped inspire and mold.

Watch the HD video below:


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