Friday, November 10, 2017

WATCH: How Vic Sotto Announced that His Wife Pauleen Gave Birth is Sweet!


On November 6, at noontime, one of Eat Bulaga!’s long time-time showrunner Vic Sotto, announced that he wanted to greet a special lady in his life a happy birthday on air. The other co-hosts agreed to the sweet gesture, but what followed was unexpected.

Eat Bulaga is a popular noontime show that hosts a variety of talents. We expect all kinds of funny and wacky performances to liven our days, but what we certainly did not expect from this variety show is news - specifically, Vic Sotto announcing the birth of his newborn child!

In the video, we see a very relaxed but giddy Vic Sotto asking his boisterous co-host Ryan K for his permission to greet a special lady in his life a happy birthday.

Pauleen’s birthday falls on November 10, so not a lot of people found it little peculiar about giving her an early birthday greeting. In fact,  they thought it was sweet of him to profess his love via national television.

What we were not prepared for is how Vic Sotto interrupted Ryan K who was in the middle of a birthday greeting. When asked why he was interrupted, Vic Sotto simply explained that it was not Pauleen’s birthday today.

When pressed further asking him who this special person's birthday it was, he simply answered “Eh, yung anak ko.”

The stunned audience immediately cheered as we picked up our jaws up from the floor. After being bombarded with questions, Vic Sotto grinned as he calmly said his wife Pauline, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with a healthy head of hair. He did not reveal the name of their newborn daughter yet, but he hinted that her name will be taken from the Bible.

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