Friday, February 22, 2019

Baby sees military dad's face first time with glasses is so heart melting


Reaction of a baby seeing dad's face

Children with a father who is in a military service or a similar job often misses their dad. This video of a 9 months old baby boy having a great and emotional moment with his daddy is priceless. This video really shows how this baby boy misses his daddy so much.

Daddy Brandon Caldwell is serving the Air Force for a decade already. At the time when this video taken, he just came home from Antarctica where he was deployed for 2 months.

For 2 months he was away from his family especially from his baby, Reagan Caldwell. While at that time, baby Reagan was having some issues with his sight and it gets harder as it grows up. But with modern technology, there is always a solution.

Reagan got a new pair of eyeglasses just after his dad was deployed to his work. Having a bad eyesight, most probably he has never seen his dad's face clearly and the only familiar thing about his dad was his voice.

When the time came that they finally were reunited. It was a very emotional homecoming to the family especially to dad and baby Reagan. His father, Brandon, still in his Air Force uniform, sings Reagan a song at their upstate New York, USA home. And the moment that little boy saw his dad, he grins uncontrollably and gives his daddy the most wonderful hug ever. His reaction was so pure and full of love.

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In the video, Captain Caldwell holds his son while singing a popular children's song “Pat-A-Cake “, and Reagan dances happily in his dad's arms. It was a very touching moment seeing how excited and happy this son to see his father's face clearly for the first time with his eyeglasses on.

Amanda Caldwell, Reagan's mom, gladly captured this heart melting father and son moment perfectly.
“This was the hardest deployment so far and you can see how hard it was for Brandon to be away from Reagan by the emotion he showed when he finally had him in his arms again. Reagan did not skip a beat and is loving having daddy back home “, said Reagan's mom, Amanda.
Amanda further said that Brandon was afraid he might not be recognized by his son. But, on the contrary, their reunion was the exact opposite. Reagan recognized him with all his heart and was overwhelmed with joy that he did finally see clearly his father's face.

Father's love to his children is incomparable. It is equally priceless to a son's love to his father. This father and son's emotional video clip has been a hit in the Internet. This has touched many people's lives, reaching to almost two million likes from the netizens.

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