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This doctor has secret trick to instantly stop babay from crying


Doctor shares a little secret how to stop babay from crying

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Babies could be so cuddly and cute. We love to see them and take a hold on them. Who would never ever love babies? They are the best gift from above. A gift that we get excited about that we prepare all the things they might be using soon. And all the things that would only make them comfortable. But what do babies do when they are not comfortable? Well, they cry. And that is one of the most annoying sound I have ever heard on Earth.

A crying baby would always make on puzzled. Never fails to get everyone into confusion. A baby might be crying be crying because she might have just been awake, she might be hungry which happens most of the time or she might have just pooped or peed on her diapers. But there will be those instances that they just cry for no reason or we might have never understood them when they are crying. First thing most parents do is hold them in their arms, if it does not work? We try to feed them. And if not, we try to check their diapers if it is already full or if she was too cold or too hot or something. But there will be those worst nights when they just don’t stop crying and we ran out of things to do how to stop their crying. Making them stop crying for an instant would definitely take one’s time and that would mean an excellent baby parenting. That is one great job you got there then. But there is actually a secret trick to instantly make babies stop crying. This doctor in the video shared below will show us the trick how to stop babies from crying.

Photo 1/5  Youtube/Science Channel
Photo 2/5  Youtube/Science Channel

This pedia trick is a must know for every parent to make things easier for them while babysitting. Doctor Robert C. Hamilton shares in the video how the secret trick is done. He holds the baby in his arms then folds the baby’s arm then put the baby in a forty five degrees position. And it does not end there he then rocks the baby up and down then the baby just instantly stopped crying. It seemed like a miracle, but it do really exist. Look at how relaxed the baby was in his hands. Looking at everywhere and staring up the ceiling. This baby whisperer can be found in the Pacific Ocean Pediatrician. He sure knows very well how to get along with babies. He stirs the babies to the left then to the right. He makes a sense of familiarity to the baby, how it feels like back in the mother’s wound. The rocking back and forth or up and down motion mimics the feeling of floating inside the fluid of the amniotic sac. That is one great trick doc to keep them silent all along.

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This one should reach a lot of parents out there and this would truly help them out. And this trick shall minimize parents’ sleepless nights, and worn out days. Help them out and share this.


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