Friday, February 22, 2019

Dog sees Elsa on the Couch and this is his reaction


Dog is confused by a lifelike doll who won't play fetch

Youtube/Waggle TV

Dogs are playful by nature. They love to play always. They love to socialize too; with other animals or with people, they can easily get well. Dogs love it when they are given full attention.

For instance, this dog in the video, is indeed a sociable being. Seeing a lifelike creature on the couch, made this dog very excited, it is because the thing on the couch is new to his eyes. With friendliness, the dog reaches for the attention of this creature on the couch. Doggie instantly brought its fetch toy so they could play together. But to the dog’s dismay, no response was given from the other thing. The full attention that this dog been longing to have was not met. Well, it is because it is a doll! Yes, it is a beautiful stuffed Elsa doll. But of course this friendly dog doesn’t know that it is just a doll!

Since doggie doesn’t have a hint that Elsa is also a play thing, he continuously urged the doll to play with his fetch toy. It is such a kind act, willing to share his toy to a stranger just to gain a new friend. But the dog’s family, who is just around the corner, saw everything the dog did. To them, all the efforts that the dog made to gain a new friend was such adorable. It was amazing to see how this dog tried his mightiest to please someone new to his sight. It was such an adorable gesture; and they couldn’t help themselves but giggle. Being friendly and kind with someone is so admirable. It is just surprising that dogs, like this in the video, have friendly and kind attitude like human beings.

Photo 1/3 Youtube/Waggle TV

Photo 2/3 Youtube/Waggle TV

However, not all dogs are as friendly as this. Though, in general and by nature dogs are friendly creatures, but how they deal with people varies. According to some studies, dogs’ attitude and behavior depend on their breed and of course on how they are raised by their owners or human family. This dog is can be seen as friendly and kind being; perhaps these traits are adopted from how his human family deals other people.

The dog’s family is indeed fortunate to have a kind and sociable pet. And this dog is very persistent too. He did not give up so easily instead he unstoppably convinced Elsa to play with him. But, well Elsa is a doll so she couldn’t give in to dog's request.

Photo 3/3 Youtube/Waggle TV

Yet, it is not just his family that is lucky to have him but this dog is lucky as well for he is really loved by every member. They showered the dog with their full attention after few minutes of the dog’s struggle with Elsa. This family really knows how to rescue their beloved dog from big dismay. To this family this dog is more than just a pet.

Click the play button and giggle too on how this dog persuaded Elsa to play with him.


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