Friday, February 22, 2019

She doesn't want to speak with granny and this is her reason


Toddler doesn't want to talk with her granny because of bad words!


Most kids are naturally quick, honest and fun. Sometimes they just blow your mind when they suddenly reason out and speak words out of nowhere. There are also times that they adapt your ways especially the way you talk; the way you move around or even the way you express yourself. They are absolutely cute and very quick in learning their environment.

Because of purity of their hearts, they can also be so honest that they really express what they feel. They can possibly tell someone if they do not like him or her. They can possibly express that they have done something wrong and they feel sorry. They can also possibly tell your secrets to others because they feel guilty that they are keeping secrets. How funny could that be? But whatever they do, all these things are part of their growth and development. You cannot just easily stop them but we can definitely guide them.

If you watch the video, you can see the little beautiful girl named Josie. Josie is very strong in her feelings about her grandmother. She is very quick to give her reason and express her feelings towards her and to her family.

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Josie strongly says that she will talk to everyone excepts for “Mimi” because according to her, “Mimi” has said a bad word. So the woman recording behind the camera continues to ask Josie what grandma has said. So, Josie, who is very honest with her feelings, tells everyone what bad word that grandma has said. According to her, the bad word was “poop”. So everyone softly giggles as they are pretending to believe in her “very serious” reason. So, Josie strongly says that she will just go home, have a rest and continue to ignore her grandmother because she does not tolerate bad language.

Funny how Josie expresses herself seriously. She is too cute and adorable!

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According to an Australian Parenting Website, “A child can express her feelings although she might need help and time to identify and talk about tricky emotions like frustration or jealousy. She has much better control over her feelings too and she might have fewer unexpected outbursts of anger and sadness.You might see more patience, and your child might even be open to reasoning with you. This means there could be fewer disagreements in the future.”

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As children grows old, they develop so many things just like the way they talk and give reasons to different things they hear and see. We just need to guide them and support them in every step of their way. Our guidance is very important especially in molding them how to be a good person and in understanding them whenever they feel bad. But what matters most is all the unconditional love and care that we could ever give, so they may grow happy and bubbly just like Little Josie.
To watch this bubbly beautiful girl, just click the video below:


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